More Mass Transit – NOW!

CNN reports that cities are scarmbling to keep up with the increasing utilization of mass-transit. Of course, that isn’t really happening here in the Detroit area. I mean, more people may be using the crappy bus systerm but I’ve seen no signs that Detroit or the Metro area is working to upgrade an improve the mass-transit system around here.

Occassionally, there is talk of building something like a train or monorail that would run up and down Woodward Avenue, from Detroit up to Pontiac, but that will probably never happen. A good argument that I’ve heard against it is that the area’s population really isn’t dense enough, which is what mass-transit requires to be useful. But with rising gas prices maybe that will change. Also, people outside the city of Detroit don’t often want to go downtown. There isn’t much reason to, although there is more reason now than perhaps a decade or two ago. Of course, one of the unspoken barriers is that the largely white outer suburbs aren’t particularly friendly to a system that would bring the laregley black population up into their region. Maybe no one is saying it publicly, but behind closed doors it is a different story.


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