Field of Dreams

While in Iowa over the 4th of July, my cuz and I took a day trip to the Field of Dreams baseball field, which is still in tact, a tourist destination. I’m not exactly a big baseball fan but I liked the movie, and there is something magical about a baseball field, uniquely American, especially when it is set in the midst of a corn field.

It was gorgeous day too.

The house by the field is beautiful. This is a view of the side of it. It has a big wrap around porch. Reminded me of the big back porch on my grandparents’ house in West Virginia. As kids my cuz and I would play there, sit there during rain storms, eat watermelon there, sitting on the banisters. It wasn’t a wrap around porch but still.

The swing was perhaps the best part. My grandparents’ porch had a similar swing, although it swung from stand not chains attached to the ceiling.

There were trees along the side of the house, tall pines. It was a nice spot, cool and shady.

The house through the trees with cuz in John.

Here is the house from the front. It is up on a sort of hill. And I’m pretty sure there was no fence in the movie. Of course, you get up close and see that the white picket fence is not made of wood but plastic, the kind of durable fencing you buy at Lowe’s. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it is no big deal but I still found it disappointing.

There is no admission to see the field, walk on it, play on it. There were kids their taking pitches from their dads. Getting hits, rounding the bases. It was pretty cool.

I had to knee before the Field of Dreams.

Cuz John is a bit more irreverent than I and preferred to stand.

As I said I like this movie. It was one of those ones that I could watch over and over again. I mean, I don’t think that it is spectacular art. But just really enjoyable film. It’s a movie I especially like to watch in the summer time, for I suppose obvious reasons. The book that it is based on is also good — Shoeless Joe. Although I’d always remembered it as titles Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa. But I think that perhaps that was the original short story that the novel was based on. In any case, it is a great baseball story.

Interesting note (or perhaps not): the writer in the movie, played by James Earl Jones, was changed from the book. In the book the writer is JD Salinger. But I have to imagine that Salinger did not want himself portrayed in the movie. He may have fought it. Or perhaps the movie makers didn’t want to piss him off. Or perhaps they just wanted Jones in the movie. He’s a hell of an actor, and the voice of Darth Vader. “Luke. I am your father.”

Anyway. I’m glad I got to go. There something quite interesting about visiting places that have bee captured in movies. The Field of Dreams is certainly captivating.


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