Congressional bickering threatens Solar/Wind Power development

Great show today on Talk of the Naction Science Friday about utilizing solar power in this country. 

Energy prices remain high, with a barrel of crude oil selling for well over $130. But thousands of megawatts of solar generated power might not see the light of day if Congress doesn’t act soon.

Both parties in Congress agree that we need solar and wind power but they can’t stop bickering long enough to renew tax credits for the industry.

We could build a solar power plant in Nevada that would provide enough electricty to every home in this country, and on a portion of land that is but a fraction of the size of the amount of land that is already in lease to but not in use by the gas and oil companies, but we lack political will.

You want to know what this country is fucked up. Congress is a bunch of do nothings. And greedier fuckers like those in the oil industry are strangling progress to that they can control the engery market and make a shit load of money. To buy their way out of hell I suppose, but who knows really.

If congress does not renew investment in the solar and wind engery industry, some 39,000 jobs will be lost and more than $1 billion in investment lost.

For the seven votes for these tax credits John McCain has never voted and so essentially voted NO every singly time. Meanwhile Obama has voted yes 5 times and not voted twice.

A new vote is expected next week and hopefully the parties can get their shit together. Of course, I can’t help thinking – Hope in one hand, shit in the other. See which one fill up first.


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