Gas Prices

I know what you’re thinking. What can I possibly say about gas prices that hasn’t already been said? Nothing original, I’d imagine. And yet I feel the need to tell my personal little tale.

Thursday last week I saw gas for $3.97/gal at Speedway. Unfortunately, my car was already full up. I found it interesting, in a consiracy theory kind of way, that gas prices started tickig down AFTER the 4th of July weekend. Bastards!

This weekend we filled up our Accord at a BP for $3.99/gal. But we had to pay cash. I hadn’t realized it until I was inside asking for $30 on pump 4 that I hadn’t uttered any version of the phrase in, well, years I’m guessing.

Back when my wife and I were not yet married and living in Madison Heights, before we’d moved on up to B’ham into our plush 1,100 sq ft ranch on a slab, ie sans basement, located East of the tracks, which effectively meant that I was not among the elite of this rather moneyed town, I didn’t use a debt or credit card to pay for gas. I always paid cash. It was Collen that got me to switch over. I tend to be of the Generation X ilk that does not take to new technology quickly, although I don’t think using a card to pay at the pump was really all that new at the time.

Anyhoo… I’m wondering if I’ll begin keeping more cash on hand to pay for gas, since it is often considerably¬†cheaper to pay in dead presidents rather than with the polymer slate. (nifty phrasing, huh).


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