More about The New Yorker incident….

….as it has come to be known in our house.

Here is the email Colleen sent in reply to the email from The New Yorker.



I must say that as someone who works in Market Research and conducts studies on ‘Customer Centricity’ I am extremely impressed with your email.  I actually had not read my husband’s blog until you sent me this email.  Your email is making the rounds of our executives as an amazing example of listening to the voice of the customer, even if it is foul-mouthed and sarcastic.  Both my husband and I are flabbergasted that someone actually followed up on one of his rants.  Please note we actually received the regular copy in the mail yesterday.


I’m sure if you check his blog in the next few days you will see that your letter has been posted along with his positive reaction.  I think you can count us as now having an emotional attachment to your publication. 


Thanks so much!



She’s talking all Market Researcher-y and stuff, which I only half-get most of the time. But she makes the beacon so I don’t worry my pretty boy little head about it.

I’d rather she hadn’t revealed that we  received our copy of The New Yorker. We could have had two. For some reason I have this idea in my head that it will be worth something some day. Of course, considering that I blogged that we’d received it the jig was already up. But still.

And here was the very speedy reply back to Colleen:



Thank you so much for your gracious response so quickly. It is wonderful to know that the issue was actually delivered, albeit overdue. Since I had not yet packaged the issue here to go out via DHL, I will rest assured that you do have a copy.


Please keep me in the loop if you EVER have anything to discuss regarding The New Yorker or any Conde Nast Publications. And please encourage your husband to keep blogging – the world cannot change unless realities are brought into view.


Very sincerely —


Linda H. Glaser

Customer Service Specialist

Condé Nast Publications, Inc.

tel. 303-684-0825  fax 303-684-0864

Hear that? She says I should keep on blogging. I’m being heard. I’m making a difference. Are you? [of course I realize it is difficult to always tell in a text format, so just in case, I want to point out that the preceding lines should be read with heavy sarcasm, which isn’t to say I don”t mean it]



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