The Road – the movie

I’ve been searching pretty regularly on the web for info about the movie being made of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulizter Prize winning novel, The Road. I don’t know how missed this NY Times article. It’s from May.

It includes a couple of pics, which seem to be rare. I certainly cannot find a trailer yet. I’m really geeked about this movie, even more so than I was for No Country for Old Men, even though I knew, just knew, that the Coen brothers were a perfect fit for that novel.

Did find this image of a movie poster for The Road.

Looks like about what I imagined, reading the book.

The movie was largely shot in Pennsylvania. First, because it is one of the states that gives tax breaks to movie productions for shooting on location in the state. Also, apparently Penn afforded a variety of post-apocaplyptic locations that suited the story, including a stretch of abandon highway. Some shooting was also done in New Orleans, for obvious reasons.

The article also gives praise to the child actor that plays the 10-year-old boy in the movie. Kodi Smit-McPhee. Good news. The wrong child actor, and there are plenty of them, would have totally fucked this movie. I would have been even more pissed than I was at the crap movie that was made from McCarthy’s early, National Book Award winning novel, All the Pretty Horses. Stupid Billy Bob Thorton.

Release date for The Road is set for November 26, 2008. Ah, the perfect Thanksgiving movie — with characters that wander homeless are virtually always on the brink of starvation, and let’s not forget the caniabalism, even of infants. Somehow, I get the feeing that I’ll be going to see this one on my own. And I will gladly, as long as I don’t have to walk home from the theater alone in the dark. Eep!

Although Nov. 26 is the general US release date. It premieres at the Toronto Film Festival on, of course, Sept 11th.


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