CBS Sunday Morning report on bicycles

Sorry. I couldn’t manage to embed video. But check it out. I especially dig the part about the mayor of Portland, Oregon, the 2nd most bike friendly city in the world, behind Amerstadam, I think, won on a bicycle format.


2 responses to “CBS Sunday Morning report on bicycles

  1. Many people seem to believe this but it isn’t entirely true. Certainly living in a major metropolitan area makes it easier in some respects to commute to work by bicycle. But there are obstacles to contend with, such as traffic and car and truck and suv drivers who seem to have little, if any, respect for people on bicycles.

    The fact is there are people who live outside of metro areas that utilize bicycles to get to and from work and to run errands. Of course, I can imagine that longer distances and perhaps unpaved roadways can be major obstacles. And I’m in no position to criticize since my ride to work is only about a mile and it is all concrete or blacktop. No big deal.

    Ultimately, it depends on the individual and what kind of challenges you are willing to take on in order to utilize a bicycle as a mode of transportation.

    The questions that come to my mind are 1) How far is your commute to work or the grocery store etc? and 2) What are the road conditions that you have to contend with?

    I certainly wouldn’t expect someone who is a novice rider like myself to ride 30 miles one way on dirt and rock and mud roads to get to work. Is this the case for you?

    I know of at least one person, who is not a regular bike rider, who has taken to riding about 5 miles one way to work one or two days a week when he can.

    In the end, it takes a certain leap of faith. Even my short ride to work seemed like something I didn’t want to do, but once I tried it, I not only realized that I enjoyed it but that I actually got to work faster.

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