Gas prices continue to drop….

…at least around Metro Detroit.

I saw gas priced at $3.69/gal, and I actually got excited about it. Now just how fucking sad is that. In any case, gas has slowing going down every since 4th July. And my question is, why?

One theory I have is that Skinner likes dog food, but of course that has nothing to do with gas prices. Or does it?

Anyhoo…I can’t help wondering if travel commerce over the 4th of July weekend was horrible that pressure was put on the oil/gas companies to bring the price down, get people driving again. There is a point at which people just say, Fuck it! And decide not to drive.

Another factor could be the congressional investigations into oil futures speculating. Led by Michigan’s own Bart Stupak. Jack Lessenberry, who, among other things, writes a weekly column for The Metro Times, a free weekly tabloid paper for the Metro Detroit area. A recent column of Jack’s has the low down on Stupak’s crusade, dare I call it.

Another thought that has ocurred to me has to do with alternative power sources, such as wind and solar and biofuels. Is it possible that the oil/gas companies are getting nervous, feeling threatened by an increase in alternative power sources? Not to mention people increasinlgy utilzing alternate modes of transportation, such as bicycles, scooters and moped, motorcycles, and public transport and carpooling. Could lowering their prices be a ploy to change people’s psychology, perhaps get them believing again that gas isn’t that expensive anymore or at least won’t be if things continue in the direction they going? And as result get people to stop being conservation-minded and go back to guzzling gas? Is that just cynical?


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