3 Day bike commute week

I made the commute by bike to work three days this week. Woo hoo! On Monday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Thursday I had to hurry home to jump in the car to pick up my daughter. We’ve considered dropping off the ride along at my daughter’s summer camp (Colleen could do it when she drops Addy off) so that I could ride there and ride her back home but the route back to our house is pretty heavily trafficked at that time of day and it makes me nervous. Still, I’m thinking about it.

In other family biking news, Addy’s mastery of the two-wheeler without training wheels continues to improve. And this evening we headed out to the bike store to get a new bike for Colleen. We went this Trek store on Woodward in Royal Oak but I thought that the bikes there were a little high priced. I want to check the place I bought my bike from in Clawson, Cycle Works. I dig the feel of the place. And I like the guy who runs it. He’s about my age, an old BMXer. He knocked off over a hundred bucks on the bike I bought because he needed to move it out of his shop.


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