Political agitations

This has been a rather politically agitating weekend.

First, all this whining from the McCain campaign. McCain basically dares Obama to visit Iraq and then when he goes and it goes well — three point swish — McCain bitches about that as well, complaining that the press is giving him too much press. Waaa waa waa! Sounds like someone is a little cranky. Not getting enough sleep, are we grampa? Then the McCain camp accuses Obama of “playing the race card” and of being a narcissist or full of himself or whatever. Blah blah blah.

What really pisses me off is this bickering is nothing but a fucking distraction. I want to hear someone talk about what they are going to to about the crumbling infrastructure in this country. I mean, we just had the anniversary of collapse of that bridge in Minnesota. There are a lot of bridges across the US that are badly in need of repair. Also, the electrical grid needs updating. Does anyone else remember the summer of 2003, when we had the rolling power outages the reached from the East Coast all the way up into Michigan? That was fucked up. Power out for like three days. And has anyone done anything about it? Not that I know of.

Then I read this frustrating article in The New Yorker about Tavis Smiley’s beef with Obama. Like Rev. Wright and Jesse Jackson, Smiley seems to be PO’d that Obama is doing what he cannot. And that Obama is not paying full and unwavering deference to his (Smiley’s) views on issues. Well, excuse him for not kissing the rings of the black elite.

Then there is Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times this Sunday about still-bitter-just-can’t-let-it-go Hilary loyalists who still refuse to support Obama. But not because they actually like what John McCain stands for — what does he stand for exactly? for about an hour or two before he needs to sit down to rest his weary old feet — but because they just don’t like Obama, despite his attempts to win them over.

Despite Obama’s wooing, some women aren’t warming. As Carol Marin wrote in The Chicago Sun-Times, The Lanky One is like an Alice Waters organic chicken — “sleek, elegant, beautifully prepared. Too cool” — when what many working-class women are craving is mac and cheese.

Bullshit! What woman craves fucking man-n-cheese? Only kids crave it. Poor grad students eat it because it is cheap, but they sure as shit don’t like it. I sure didn’t when I was eating it all the time.

Maybe Hilary didn’t deserve to be tagged with the b-word by Ludacris but these women just might.

According to Dowd’s column…

The Los Angeles Times reported that Hillary die-hards want to enshrine a whine in the Democratic platform about how the primaries “exposed pervasive gender bias in the media” and call on party leaders to take “immediate and public steps” to denounce any perceived bias in the future. That is one nutty idea.

Yeah. That’s what we need. Another fucking distraction that will hinder Democrats from gaining The White House. But what do the fucking care? Obama loses and Hilary can run again in 4 years.

Yeah, well. How about this — Obama loses and it looks like bitter Hilary supporters helped make that happen then you can forget about this Obama supporter at least supporting Hilary. I will vote for whatever dipshit the Republicans put forth. I don’t care who it is. And do you think I’ll be the only one? Think about it. No you won’t. You’re too god damn bitter to think, too hysterical.

And that’s not all. The McLaughlin Group was practically an entire show dedicated to dissecting Obama’s supposed mistakes this past week, especially that little Barbie Republican they got wiggling her ass in Tony Blankly’s old seat.

On top of all that, despite Obama’s trip overseas scoring a three pointer, figuratively as well as literally, he received no bump in the polls. If anything, he may have lost a little ground. Some polls have McCain and Obama in a dead tie, while others put McCain ahead of Obama.

Why? Apparently Americans don’t believe it is important that the US President be well liked abroad. Especially them cranky blue collar white guys that don’t give a rats ass what a bunch of towel heads, Krauts and Frogs think. They got no business commenting on American politics.

Am I the only one sick of hearing about whining blue collar white guys who can’t relate to Barack Obama? I mean, you got to love the irony of a bunch of big, strong, tough men crying like little girls because they aren’t being related too properly buy a guy they couldn’t give to shits about under any other kinds of circumstances. More than that, a guy they wouldn’t want much to do with because of his race, never mind his education and taste for arugula.

I just love how these big manly men have suddenly developed feelings that bruise like a grape, so you better not say mean about them ore the might cry. Yet these are some of the same knuckled-head pricks that seem to feel entitled to toss around all kind of invectives about Volvo-driving, cheese-eating, New Yorker-reading, liberal faggots.

I grew up in blue-collar Warren, Michigan. I knew people like this. They are hard working. But you know what? So am I. Just because I work in a library doesn’t mean I work just hard as they do. And fuck if I’m going to guilty or bad or somehow less American because I happened to bust my ass to get an education. You want to talk fucking hard work? That was hard work. And I’ve busted my hump at my share of labor jobs too. I mowed lawns and cleaned gutters and window wells when I was still fucking twelve. I delivered newspapers, all three major ones in my area — The Freep, The News, The Macomb Daily. I bussed tables. I cleaned up shit in bathrooms at Metro Beach Metro Park.

But now I have an undergraduate and graduate degrees. In fucking English too, Creative Writing. And I have owned a Volvo. And I like cheese and wine. And I love to read The New Yorker.

And any schmo who thinks that somehow makes me less of an American than him, because he turns a wrench or uses his back or gets dirty doing his job, can fuck off! Go cry to your mommy. Don’ cry here.

Ah. Fuck it!

In any case, my hope/pessimism index had plummeted. It was really soaring there for a time, at close to 70/30. But now I’d put it almost a dead lock, maybe a tad higher. Something like 51/49. And that is me being as optimistic as I can be.

I’m not sure I can believe that this country is really ready for change. I think that those cynical people that say that this country is not ready for a black president may be right.

And for believing otherwise, I feel duped, not by anyone else but by myself. I duped myself. I forgot a very important Generation X — don’t get your hopes up about anything, because chances are you’ll just end up disappointed in the end. And that seems to be where things are headed.

Even if Michigan goes for Obama — recent polls have him up by 4 points, and I’ve seen three Obama signs to zero McCain signs, and I live amongst many a Republicans — I doubt the country as a whole or at least the key battle states, such as Ohio, will.


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