..and Obama is the one who is presumptious and arrogant?

John McCain, in all his glorious humility, has promised that by the end of his first term:

1) The Iraq War will be won

2) The budget will be balanced

3) Osama bin Laden will be captured and brought to justice

Wow! Impressive.

But wait. We should probably ask how, pray tell, does Mr. McCain itended to accomplish these things? Fuck all if he knows? And if he does, he ain’t saying.

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show knows the score. Check it:


Ah. I can always count on Jon to perk up my spirits, especially about this particular election. A little anyway. My hope/cynicism gage is looking a little better today, but not by much. I’d put it at about 53/47.

I can’t help but fear that all the hope in the world is no match for rampant ignorance and negative attack ads featuring Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, the public pubes Bobsy Twins.


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