Oakland County, Michigan’s role in Prez Election

Time magazine is running an article about the significance of Michigan in the upcoming Presidential Election, particularly Oakland County, where I happen to live.

It’s funny. Back when I lived in Warren, in Macomb County, and attended Macomb Community College, Macomb county was the bellwether county. Back then, in the 80s, the saying was something like this: as goes Macomb County so goes Michigan and as goes Michigan so goes the country. Now. I don’t know about that. But I do recall the 88 election, which I covered for the MCC newspaper, when they still had one, and all the candidates hit Macomb  hard. I covered press conferences for Dukakis, Bush and Regan. It was pretty cool.

So now the focus is on Oakland County, my new home. It’s almost as if the Presidential Elections are following me. Well, accept for those lost years when I lived in Kalamazoo.

Anyhoo… Oakland County has been skewing increasingly Democratic in the past several elections. And no Republican Pres. candidate has won the state of Michigan since Reagan. However, the article points on some other issues at play here. McCain was hugely popular in Michigan back in 2000. And Michigan has got two pretty unpopular Dem leaders in Gov. Granholm, whos aproval rating is something like 20%. Yikes! And I thought Bush’s numbers were low. And of course Kwame “The Hip Hop Mayor” Killpatrick. That knuckled head.

Even so Obama has a slight edge in the polls, but not nearly enough. And some people seem to think that McCain selecting Romney will give him a boost here, especially in Oakland County where Romney grew up.

The only thing I can add personally is that my wife and I are currently Obama supporters.  But then we know more than a few who are not likely to vote for Obama. Whether they vote for McCain is a different story. And, I’ve seen at least two Obama for Prez signs. No McCain signs yet. Although I have seen a few McCain bumper stickers. These will no doubt increase as we get closer to November. Also, I there is one Romney/Devos sign on the lawn of the house that I pass every day when I got to pick up  my daugher from day camp. It is a homemade sign. And a lone Ron Paul sign. For what any of that is worth.


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