Hilary’s canidacy is like Michael Myers

It just won’t die!

Even if Hilary herself has (publicly) moved on, her supporters are like politically flesh-hungry zombies that you just can’t seem to shoot in the head. And instead of moaning, they whine and they whine and they whine. And they won’t shut up. Apparently, the plan being to annoy the rest of the Democratic Part into giving them what they want.

And what do they want now? For Hilary’s name to be entered in the roll-call at the convention in Denver. This despite the fact that most in the Democratic Party believe this would result in a “dangerous show of disunity.”

Michelle Cottle, a senior editor at The New Republic, addresses this matter in her pesky column in this Sunday’s New York Times opinion pages.

Her rebuttal to the MAJORITY opinion in the Dem party that does not want Hilary’s name entered into the roll call is this:

It’s true that having America watch as some portion of Mrs. Clinton’s 1,640 pledged delegates thumb their noses at Barack Obama would disrupt the party’s vision of a carefully scripted Denver love-in.

No, Mich-ey, you got it wrong. It is Hilary or at least her embittered supporters that want the love-in. Because according to you they NEED….

a constructive way … to channel their anger and disappointment could wind up being the path of less destruction for Mr. Obama’s campaign. Plus, it’s the right thing to do.

Maybe these mostly Boomer ladies need to take a lesson from their Generation X sisters (and brothers too, who supported her undisciplined husband when he was in the White House diddling interns with cigares) and suck it up because the contest is over and their candidate lost. That is the right thing to do.

Cottle claims that:

You don’t have to be a die-hard Clintonite, or even much of a feminist, to be moved by the significance of her presidential campaign.

Oh, I was moved all right. I was moved by her code speak to white blue-collar workers that they could not trust a black man to treat them fairly, a myth that Obama continues to struggle to overcome. Not to mention her macbre allusion to Robert Kennedy’s assassination, which no matter how she tries to spin was a sick suggestion that a black man running for president, never mind holding the White House, could end up with a bullet in his head from the gun of some whack job. And then of course there was the moving race baiting by her husband. Oh yeah, it was a moving campaign all right. I was moved to never pay this woman any deference ever again, never mind support her in any way shape or form.

Cottle of course points out that Hilary’s run was historic. Yes. That is true. And now it is historically over. Democrats need to focus on winning the White House, with the winner of the Democratic Primary, Senator Barack Obama. But of course that just can’t be done. Why? Because some Hilary supporters still need some kind of “catharsis and a bit of closure.”

Shit. I’m not sure which concept is more annoying? Hasn’t all the whining been catharsis enough? And what more closure do you need than BARACK GOT MORE VOTES. There’s your fucking closure. It’s done. It’s over. Move on. If you just can’t bring your poor broken heart to support Obama then don’t. But shut the hell up about it already. And keep in mind that if Barack loses there are those of us, who otherwise would have supported Hilary, who if the results seem to show that bitter Hilary supporters played a significant roll in sinking Obama’s chances, may at least consider seriously not only not supporting Hilary’s next run at the White House but just might actively work against her. That petty bullshit works both ways, ladies.

And for those still griping about Hilary getting a bum rap from the media. Take it up with the media. Not the Democrats in your own party, for crying out loud.

But back to the historic nature of Hilary’s campaign. I love how Cottle refers to the excitement over Obama’s also historic campaign derogatorily as hullabaloo, suggesting that Hilary’s campaign was more historic, more serious, more important. Bullshit!

I guarantee you that if Hilary had won the nomination there would be zero tolerance for even a fraction of the griping coming from disappointed Obama supporters. It would be squashed, effectively telling the young black buck to stay in his place and wait his turn until the white dame of the nation has had her turn. But in the case of Hilary having won that would not have been necessary. Obama supporters, though disappointed, would have come around to support Hilary without all this pissing and moaning.

But that isn’t what happened; Hilary didn’t win. It may be sad for some but it is fact. Obama won because he got more votes, which is how it works not, as some of Hilary’s supporters would have it, by said supporters throwing a big enough fit to get their way. Obama will be the Democratic nominee. All this grand gesturing making is an unnecessary distraction. But it seems like it may be a distraction that Obama will unfortunately have to endure, as will we all.

If Obama does except this condition by Hilary and her legion, it won’t be because it is the “right thing to do,” as Cottle puts it. It will be because he was forced to comply by a bunch of whiners who claim they were treated unfairly while at the same time demand special treatment that no male candidate would ever receive.


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