Edward’s mistress basis for McInerney character

Turns out Rielle Hunter, the woman that John Edwards was nailing was the basis for the fictional character Alison Poole, the heroin of Jay McInerney‘s third novel, Story of My Life.

McInerny dated Hunter back in the 80s, but back then she was known as Lisa Druck. Why the name change? Who knows? According to the Jayster, Hunter/Druck is a nice girl but used to be a real party girl. But hey, it was the 80s and she was a model, so, you know.

For anyone who hasn’t read Story of My Life, it is one of McInerney’s better works. Not as good as Bright Lights, Big City, but definitely better than Ransom, a real lackluster follow up to Bright Lights, but then chances were just about anything would have been.

Story of My Life follows Alison Poole on her many debauched escapades/sexcapades through the NYC nightlife. Like Bright LIghts, it is fast and funny, ironic, but also ultimately sad, a commentary on the overindulgent lifestyles of the time, which is critical but not entirely unsympathetic. It is probably my second favorite novel of McInerney’s, after Bright Lights, of course.

So here’s what I’m wondering: how long before Hunter gets a book contract for her memoir?


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