Two cool blogs to check out

I’m adding a couple of new blogs to my blogroll.

First up is a blog by some dude who will draw anything, literally, for two bucks. His site is appropriately called Will Draw Anything. The guy’s a comic book artist and his stuff look pretty cool. Already the wheels are turning in my head, thinking up some real twisted shit to have this guy doodle up for me. He does say he’ll dray anything. So….


And second is a GenX blogger who is on a quest to link up with 50 other bloggers around the country. Her blog is called JenX67. Her criteria is as follows: one blogger per state and their blog’s have to Generation X oriented. Currently, I am under consideratoin for her Michigan blogger. However, I suspect that I’ll probably lose out in the end. I wouldn’t be a GenXer if I was any more optimistic than that. Besides, I know of at least one Michigan-based GenX blogger who would probably be better then me. And that would be GenerationXpert, already on my blog roll. GenerationXpert is much wittier and insightful, whereas I tend to slip into bitter ranting to often. But still, you never know. Even if I don’t end up being the chosen one, I’ll be frequenting this site pretty regularly.


7 responses to “Two cool blogs to check out

  1. hahahaha. i came back to tell you I’d chosen your blog and found this. Hopefully, you will find some fellow GenXers to read. I just posted a U.M. Pastor of a rural church in North Carolina who writes Gen-X Rising, a blog that explores church and faith from a Gen X perspective. I do enjoy your blog and had to let my husband read the entry about the power outage. The ice storm in Oklahoma last year was equally devastating. It felt third world for a few days and deepened my compassion for others. Thanks, and I’ll be back to visit often.

  2. Whoa! Coolio! Thanks so much, Jen. I really apprecaite it.

    What can I say? I prefer to be cautiously optimistic, if that. I figure, expecting something is a sure fire recipe for disappointment. And if things do work out, well then I can be pleasantly surprised, which I am.

  3. Congrats, Chris. I have trouble getting into some of the Gen X material, being a Millenial and all. It’s true, my generation is more than a little self-obsessed. Still, I love keeping up with your blog!

  4. PS, Adam. I can understand how all this generational griping can pretty boring, perhaps especially for Millennials such as yourself. It seems to be more of a thing between Boomer and Xers. At least, that is my take on it.

    Also, I think that the self-obsessed label slapped on Millennials may be a bit premature. After all, your generation is still pretty young, the oldest in their mid-twenties, I think. Who isn’t self-concerned at that age? Most people. Of course, some people never grow out it, like, um, a lot of Boomers.

  5. San Fran was fucking awesome. Moving there for good on the 4th. Can’t wait! Hopefully you guys get a chance to visit.

    I don’t find the Gen X stuff boring. It’s actually quite interesting if I can make myself read it. It’s kinda like history in the making… the stuff that people will be saying about your generation in the future, only you guys are saying it now. I’m all for being one step ahead of the game.

    And you’re right, much of my generation’s self-concern comes from our age. I definitely know a good deal of people that will never grow out of it, but now that I think of it, I have a few friends with whom I can really talk about the planet’s future, and younger generations’ futures, rather than our own.

    After all, it seems to be the responsibility of the Millenials, more than anyone, to see to the success of the “Green movement.” The challenge isn’t technical; it exists in the mind alone. Hopefully my generation is far enough removed from their Boomer parents to think differently.

  6. Yeah, I’ll bet. Colleen and I are definitely envious of you. And we certainly hope we can come out to visit. Soon!

    I think more GenXers now are doing what they can to help “define our generation” (whatever that means) because when we first got bitch-slapped with that label, Generation X, it was way back in like 1991, by a bunch of Boomers, of course, and it was basically used as a pejorative. And back then even the eldest of GenX were perhaps too young to adequately refute these negatives, not to mention we didn’t really have much of a platform. Well, now we do. More GenXers are in positions of power — as journalists, authors, actors, business people, etc. Also there is the internet, for those like me.

    I agree too that your Generation will be the ones to really bring about change across all segements of society, from the Green movement to Politics, to the way Business is done, etc. There’s only about 46 Million GenXers, which might seem like a big number, until you consider that there are closer to 80 million Millennials. Also, the Boomers will be pretty much gone by time many of you are ready to move on up. And there won’t be that many Xers in the way, not that most will anyway. In fact, there probably wont’ be enough Xers, simply by virtue of our small numbers. Millennials will have to step up, and no doubt won’t have any problems doing so.

    It seems pretty clear that Millennials do think differently, very differently in many regards, than Boomers.

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