GenXers and aging

Today GenerationXpert has a cool post about the different attitudes towards aging held by Boomers and GenXers (Millennials are still too young to even believe they are going to be old some day much less have and attitude about it). I wanted to post a comment to this post but kept running into technical difficulties. I don’t know what’s up, other than I am a bit of techno idiot.

Anyhoo… I was basically in agreement with GenerationXpert. Boomers refuse to accept that they are aging, are in fact old, turning 60, the first of their ilk collecting SS. Whereas Generation X will be less vain, more willing to own our aging. I know I will. I don’t feel like I have a problem with getting older. Of course, I don’t look my age (40) and am often mistaken for being quite a bit younger (early to mid thirties these days). When I tell people how old I am they are sometimes quite surprised and even believe that I am bs-ing them. Been that way my whole life.

But even though I may not look my age I still feel the pangs of aging, and while I wish that were not so, I don’t feel the need to rationalize, to myself and others, that I am not againg. 60 is not the new 40! It never was and never will be. It’s pathetic to try to convince yourself otherwise, but of course the Boomer’s have never had a problem with being narcisstic and pathetic, so they got that going for them.

I’ve alway maintained that Generation X will make a fairly easy transition into old age, that is if we’re ever able to retire. Hell, it’ll be like our twenties all over again, except that instead of sleeping until Noon and hanging out at Denny’s until 5 o’clock in the morning, we’ll get up at 5 a.m. and hang out at Denny’s until Noon. And we got no problem complaining about shit.

For an example of Boomer rationalizatoin as it pertains to their OLD AGE, check this post from a site called — Aaack — Small Boomer Business. I wasn’t aware that these chuckledheads did anything small. Isn’t everything they do, from business to wiping their butts, a paradigm-changing revolution or some such bullshit?

Anyhoo… the post is titled 5 Reason Why Boomers are not Seniors. Wow! A whopping 5 reasons. That’ll  really make the world stand up and take notice.

Can you believe we have to help fund these jerks’ retirement while they continue to muck things up? Son of a bitch that’s annoying!


4 responses to “GenXers and aging

  1. I liked your post. As one of the unfortunates caught right between Boomers and GenX I feel like a human without a cool nomenclator. I am okay with old, though the aches and pain sucks. What generation are we on know?

  2. Thanks, dude and/or dude-ette.

    There are those out there that would call you Generation Jones but it seems a pretty weak argument to me. There are Boomers and GenXers. I don’t accept the Gen Jones designation — no offense. To you, I mean. Boomers, for the most part, can bite me.

    What generation are we on now? Well, those in their teens and early to mid twenties are Millennails. My daughter, who is 7, would be the next generation after Millennails. As far as I know, they have yet to be strapped with a label. Hopefully, it will be awhile before that happens, although I am guess that once that generation is old enough to start consuming on a mass basis they will warrant a generational name.

  3. Nail-on-the-head right. After enduring being controlled by baby boomers our entire adult lives, getting old is a walk in the park. There is an incredibly annoying commercial out right now. Everytime it comes on, I want to reach into the television and strangle the actors. (Note to self: It is *just* a commercial.) Anyway, it’s for men’s haircolor and it says this: “NOW (insert Price-Is-Right/Johnny Voice), THE GENERATION WHO VOWED TO NEVER GET OLD DOESN’T HAVE TO.” Someone, get me a trash can so I can throw up.

  4. OMG. I’ve seen that commercial. I have the same gag reflex for it. Fortunately, I don’t watch too much TV. Wait. Check that. I do watch TV, but I mute and tune away from commercials for the most part. No wonder advertisers and marketers gave up on trying to hook Generation X. HA! Take the free market commerce!

    Oh hey, have you seen the retirement commercial with Dennis Hopper? Another nauseating display. I mean, sure, Hopper’s cool, but still.

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