Obama in Indiana

Traveled with my wife and daughter to Indiana this past weekend, to visit my brother and his partner and their adopted daughter, who recently moved from the Chicago area to Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a pretty cool town. Not huge, like Chicago, but not small either. I think it has a pop. of about 800,000. I know for sure that their is a cool Children’s Museum because we took my daughter and our niece there on Saturday. Also, Payton seems to be failry popular names for little boys.

Anyhoo… becuase we were traveling and because it is an election year right now I was on the look out for signs, of any kind really not just literally, of where support might be. I have to say that I don’t recall seeing any McCain lawn signs but I did see more than a few bumpers stickers for the Republican candidate. In my brother’s Indianapolis neighborhood, though, I saw at least a half a dozen Obama lawns signs. Of course, Obama is much more likely to garner support in the city and near college towns. And since we were traveling on US Interstates for the most part there wasn’t much chance to see where the smaller towns’ support where was grounded. I’m guessing McCain’s more popular in the rural areas. And as a whole I can’t see Obama winning Indiana in the general election, even if he does end up selecting Indiana Senator Even Bayh for his running mate, as has been rumored he might. I happen to agree with the conventional wisdom that no state was won in a Presidential Election based on the VP. So…

My hope/cynicism level that Obama will be elected President hasn’t changed much. It’s at about 52/48.


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