John McCain is NOT a maverick. He just plays one on TV.

So claimes Dahlia Lithwick in her latest article on

In this  piece, Lithwick is warning that McCain is trying to hide his true views on abortion, which are radically right, in a meatloaf of maverick- and centrism. But don’t you believe it. McCain may have once been more moderate on abortion but not anymore. The unnerving thing is that many people don’t seem to aware of his flip-flopping on this issue.

Voters, and especially women voters who want to make their own reproductive decisions, need to wake up and smell the asparagus. In July, for example, a Pew poll showed that 56 percent of the electorate didn’t know where McCain stood on abortion. Listen up, because he’s telling us now. To the extent McCain was ever independent-minded at all on reproductive rights, he’s not anymore. In 2000, McCain begged Bush to amend language in the GOP platform, which calls for a human-life amendment banning all abortions and provides no exceptions for rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother. This week he indicated that he won’t work to change that platform. That’s a position espoused by fewer than 20 percent of the electorate. In the religion forum last weekend at Saddleback Church in California, McCain announced that life begins “at the moment of conception” and promised, “I will be a pro-life president, and this presidency will have pro-life policies.” In April he told Chris Matthews that “the rights of the unborn is one of my most important values.” He has bragged about his consistent zero rating from NARAL. He has explicitly said that his Supreme Court choices will be animated by his desire to overturn Roe.

McCain gets scarier every day, and I’m not just talking about the way he looks.

This attitude on abortion is out of sync with the mainstream of America it but McCain doesn’t give a shit. He’s too busy kissing the asses of his radical-right base that it must suck to be a close aid and have to smell the conservative shit on his breath, but then maybe his breath always smelled that way.

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