Kudos to Colorado

What for?

For switching from coal to solar and wind power:

Following discussions lasting several days, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) backed the power company’s voluntary decision to close the two coal-fired plants at Denver and Grand Junction, making Xcel the first utility in the U.S. to make such a move solely in an effort to reduce emissions.

Check that — it was voluntary, not forced, and “solely in an effort to reduce emmissions.” Right on!

Now what I want to know is why can’t Michigan do anything like this for crying out loud?

This kind of thing goes under my personal heading for reasons to get the hell out of Michigan, which is a fine state but is being run into the ground by bone heads in the state capital and other assorted yahoo, and moving to a state like Colorado.

Also, Mork lives in Denver!

And I’m pretty sure that the Bronocs have a better chance of getting to the Super Bowl than the Lions. But then you could probably say that about most any other NFL team, right.

Of course, it is home of the Avalanche and they suck my Detroit Red Wings fan ass, so…

Decision, decisions.


4 responses to “Kudos to Colorado

  1. As someone who lives in Colorado it’s easy for me to say that this is a great state. But then again like any States – some like it, some don’t. If you like the great outdoors then this place is for you!

  2. I am not a huge outdoors person, but I am found of nature and all it’s splendor. Also, last year I had the opportunity to drive through Colorado and I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of the landscape, the mountains and pine forests. It was remarkable.

    Now. I am not saying that Michigan is not a beautiful state. It is, very much so. Especially up north and in the UP. Mackinaw Island. Lake Superior. All that.

    Colorado was different, though. And I liked it. Whether I could live there or not is a different story.

    Colorado is definitely a state we would consider relocating to.

  3. You sound and think so much like my older brother, Bill (born in ’62) I’d swear this was Billy writing this stuff and merely pretending he is from Michigan and born in ’67. If he had a blog, I’d prove it to you, but he doesn’t. Anyway – great stuff as always.

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