A new school year

Not for me, of course. But for my daughter. She’ll be in the second grade, staring tomorrow.

And I’m feeling a little anxious. It is similar to the excitement/anxiety that I used to feel as a kid the night before the first day of school, but qualitatively different somehow, you know. No doubt because I am a parent now, and not the student.

We have a first day of school ritual. We take pictures of Addy in her new clothes and backpack etc in front of the house before walking her to school, which is just a block away. This comes from Colleen’s family. We didn’t really do anything like that in my family. We just got up and headed to school. We didn’t wear backpacks, though. We carried our folders and lunch box/lunch bag. When did kids start carrying backpacks anyway? I didn’t carry one until I started college. Before then, we had lockers. What did we need backpacks for? Of course, my daughter’s school, which brand new, does not have lockers. At least, I don’t think it does. Hmmm. I’ll have to make sure tomorrow.

Anyhoo… I suppose that my anxiety, in part anyway, comes from having to get back into the swing of the school routine. It can be quite busy. And already on the first day we’re hitting the ground running. After a full day of school, she has her first soccer practice. Yeah. I have to drive across town at the busies time of day. Just the thing I love to do after working all day. We won’t even have time for dinner. It’ll be a quick snack and out the door, probably eating in the car.

Well, I suppose there’s nothing to be done about it.

I just hope that all the work Addy and I did this summer — reading, spelling, math, journal writing and drawing — has her up to speed for this year.


3 responses to “A new school year

  1. We’re getting into the school year routine this week here too. I homeschool the kids, but it’s the schedule of extra-curric activities that challenges my sanity.

    I like the first week though…while everything is still a bit novel.

  2. All that anxiety was for not, eh. The girl loved second grade! Really! That’s what she said.

    You are right about the extra-currics, Stephanie. They are what really try your patience sometimes. At least, they try mine.

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