Back on the bike….

…after almost three weeks. Yikes! A few weeks back I got sick, and all my joints plus my back really ached. It was kind of weird, actually. Then, just as I was on the mend, I over did it (I’m at the age where that is something I do now) playing dodge ball at my nephews birhtday party. I kicked ass, sure. But at what cost. My back killed.

I was actually worried about strapping on a backpack to ride to work because my back was still hurting. But, you know, I think it was actually good for it. I’m feeling pretty good.

The ride home was cool. I was racing a thunderstorm home. While on vacation up north over the Labor Day weekend, I bought a windbreaker that is also water repellant but of course I did not bring it along. No matter. I did not get caught in the down pour. But it might have been fun if I had.

Anyhoo… with the girl back in school, which is just a block from home, much closer than her summer camp facility, I can ride my bike every day if I chose. I’m going to see how far into the fall I can crank it to work. Wish me luck all.


4 responses to “Back on the bike….

  1. Thanks, Sarah. It is not often that inpsire people, I don’t think. Or — wait — did you me perspire? Although why I would make you sweat is a mystery. Or is it?

    Yeah. I’m pretty tired this morning. Up too late, writing.

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