I’d never heard of this term until I read a recent post by GenerationXpert, which linked me to this article. A

Apparently it is a new take on women in the work world, something that is much in the limelight ever since Palin was tapped by McCain — no, not in the drunk frat boy and passed out sorority girl at a party sense, but in the to be his VP sense; sheesh! get your mind out of the gutter, although I know hot tempting it can be to go there. Although, I would not be surprised if Johnny boy has played out a few naughty scenarios with him and his “soulmate,” frisky geezer that he is. Hell, he’s probably got a threesome fantasy that include Cindy as well. No, I would not be suprised at all. I’d be digusted to point of tossing my cookies, but not surprised.

Anyhoo…There seems to be a shift in the attitudes of women regarding work. Instead of wanting more responsibility at work, they want more flexibility and control, especially GenXer’s and Millennials. I know that’s true for my wife, who’s most recent position is a better balance, compared to her previous one, of responsibility and challenge with the ability to spend time with her family.

The article also touches on GenX and Millennials guys sharing this kind of attitude. I know that’s true for me. While Colleen makes the big bucks my job is all about flexibility, and I like it that way.

Just more evidence of GenX’s influence on the workplace. Most of are us not going to work oursleves to death, like Boomers have been want to do. And rightly so.

As Mr. Keating tells his students in Dead Poet’s Society: “Business, Law, Engineering. These are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, love — this are what we live life for.” Something like that anyway, to which I would also include family and friends.


4 responses to “Womenomics

  1. I am adamant – after 20 years of being pushed, shoved and stuffed by boomers – that I will have flexibility in my next job. That flexibility may come with a lower salary, but I just can’t and won’t go back to what I endured for nearly two decades. I have three kids and I can’t tell you what flex time would have meant in my last job.

  2. Stick to your gun, sweets!

    Let the Boomers work themselves to death since they like it so much. They can keep right on working up until they have to pry the blackberry from their cold dead hands.

    Generation X is going to enjoy life.

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