Ridin’ in the rain….

… I was just ridin’ in the rain. What glorious, albeit chilly, feeling. Ridin’ in the rain!

I didn’t ride to work yesterday. Nor did I this morinng. But last night after work, I did. It was overcast, pretty dark clouds, and it had already started coming down before I got to Addy’s school to pick her up. But it slowed and then stopped, and I figured I bought this new windbreaker/rain jacket at the Eddie Bauer outlet store in West Branch on our way back form Up North Labor Day weekens. If I wasn’t going to ride in the rain, what did I buy it for?

So off I went. It wasn’t bad. At first. A little drizzle. But then it really started coming down, and that point I was already half way through my ride so there was not realy point in turning back. Just needed to press one.

My ears started to get cold, and ache. So I stopped and pulled my hood up over my helmet. Sure, I probably looked dorky, but I was dry and my head was a lot warmer.

I could feel the water through the jacket a little. And my shorts, which are not waterproof at all, were soaked. But I din’t mind the water. It wasn’t that cold.

Actually, it was kind of cool riding in the rain. It added and extra element of challenge, I guess. The only real bummer was that my glasses got speckled with rain drops. I cleaned dried them off once but it didn’t take long for them get covered with water droplets again. I could still see but I often had to look above the lenses. It something I’ll have to learn to live with, becaue I don’t do contact lenses.

Looks like it is going to be nicer tonight. I’m going to try and make it two nights in a row. My evening rides are longer than the ride to work, and therefore better exercise.


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