McCain whine

“Grown and cultivated in the sorching desert heat, aged and withered under the relentlessly beating sun, like road kill on an Arizona highway. Aaaahhh!”

The McCain campaign is whining about Barack Obama’s lipstick on pig comment, claiming it was an attack on the Johnny Jet-crasher’s VP pick, which is pretty ironic considering that McCain used the same phrase in reference to a policy laid forth by Hilary Clinton. And didn’t he or someone on his campaign or whatever call Hilary a bitch when they assumed she would be the Democratic nominee? As in, “how are we going to beat this bitch” blah blah blah?

And geez, what the hell are these wussy Repubs getting their panties in a bunch about anyway? Didn’t Palin essentially called herself a bitch anyway? She said: You know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” Couldn’t that be taken as when she removes her lipstick she’s the campaign bitch? The attack mongrel? Licking her crotch and sniffing her running mates butt?


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