Do you really like Radiohead, or do you really like them?

Driving home from work today, I heard a Radiohead song. It wasn’t one that I new, but then there are plenty of Radiohead songs that I don’t know. Anyhoo… It made me think of something that Colleen said to me the other day.

She said, “Do you ever feel like you’re supposed to like Radiohead more than you do?”

And my response was, “Yeah. I do.”

I just wondered if anyone else felt that way too.

Having said that Radiohead’s Creep is still one of my favorite songs:

I’m playing it as I type, and Colleen, passing by the office, informes me that Radiohead hates this song, they won’t play it in concert anymore. As a creative person (or so I’d like to think anyway) I can understand this to a degree. Even so, it is a mantality that I find kind of pretentious and annoying. I mean, it isn’t as if they don’t get to play 20 other fucking songs of their choosing. What the fuck’s 4 minutes out of that time?

In grad school, I wrote a story titled Creep that was inspired by the Radiohead song. I thought I was being all clever and shit, embedding lyrics from the song in the story. I’d once heard someone say that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, had bits form popular songs of the time in it. I have no clue if that is really true. But I liked that idea. I figured my teacher, Stu Dybek, wouldn’t get the allusion to the Radiohead song, but he did. I’d forgotten that, at the time, he had a son that was like 13. Stu liked the title of the story but that was about it. He wrote me a note that went something like although this piece is full of nice detail and often beautiful writing it doesn’t really amount to a story, which is more than just a compilation of details. Of course, he was right. I haven’t looked at that story in awhile. Perhaps I will again soon.


2 responses to “Do you really like Radiohead, or do you really like them?

  1. I never really ‘got’ Radiohead until In Rainbows came out last year. For years I’ve always thought they were ok but a bit too whiney and depressng. I didn’t understand how or why everyone raved about them.

    Then I listened to In Rainbows and it kinda just clicked. Not sure why, maybe because I’m older or whatever. Give In Rainbows a good few (proper) listens, it might have the same effect on you!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Cynical Scribble (dig the blog moniker btw). I’ve placed a hold on In Rainbow at the library.

    But I’m not saying that I don’t get Radiohead. I like to think that I do. And I’m not saying that I don’t like them. I do. Pablo Honey is one of my favs. And I really dig OK Computer.

    Sometimes it just kind of feels like a, I don’t know, a sort of knee jerk attitude that’s floating around in the air like dust motes or something, or maybe more like Pop Tart crumbs floating around in my like. How can you not like Radiohead?

    Anyway. When my wife said that, it just clicked, made perfect sense to me.

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