We know it’s fall because…

…of course the leaves are changing color, and falling to the the ground. Hell, we got one house on our block with the entire front lawn already covered with leaves. Yikes! And there is a certain crispness in the air, especially in the mornings. And the kids are back to school. Addy’s doing second grade and she loves her teacher, who used to be an Opera singer and speaks several languages, which is probably why Addy has a little girl from Germany in her class, plus another little girl who is Russian.

Anyhoo…one of the other tell tale signs that fall is here, although perhaps not officially, is Addy had her first soccer game today. She’s on a new team this year. Only two girls from her team last year are on the team this year, and at first she was a little nervous about that, but the new girls were so friendly, coming right up to her to introduce themselves, the first day of practice that there was no problem. And of course, a new team means a new coach, but she likes the coach too. So we’re all good. The game went well, despite the early time, 9am, and the rain. It wasn’t a downpour but it was steady. But the girls didn’t seem to mind much. Addy never complained, and really couldn’t get out on the field enough. Although she is still a bit of a daydreamer at time. And even though at this age score is not a big issue, it was a freaking route, our team winning by a score or something like 8-2. Woo hoo!

But back to the rain if I may. Turned out we were lucky to have such an early game. The rain picked up later this morning. And it is still raining now. I read that because of Hurricane Ike we will be getting a lot of rain this weekend.

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