Name that movie

Yes. Once again it’s time to play Name that Movie. This is your chance to show off your movie knowledge with no chance — I repeat, no chace of winning cash money and fabulous prizes. No, your only concilation will be the opportunity to say, nanny, nanny boo boo [preferably with the thumbs in ears while wagging fingers] I got it right. Ha ha ha. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

Today’s quote comes from GenerationXpert. She stumped me with this one today. After many hours of pointless contemplation I could not identify the movie that this quote comes from. NOTE: I did NOT use the internet. You can if you want, but then your nanny nanny boo boo will be kind of limp. Still, it’s a free country. So have at it.

And the quote is:

“You got to act like you don’t need it, and then they give you the shit for free.”


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