My not so new bicycling back pack

Sometime back I got a new backpack, one specifically for biking. It is fairly water tight. Colleen took some pics of me heading off to work one morning but of course slacker that I am I’m just getting around to posting them now.

Anyoo… here they are, for anyone who gives a rat’s backside.

The glow you see isn’t my ass buffed to high gloss shine, but rather the reflective back of my bike seat. Although having my ass buffed does sound intriguing. The backpack also has reflective stripes running down the back, and it is equipped with straps that stretch across the chest and stomach to take the weight off your shoulders and place it more on your back and hips. Less strain.

And here I am riding a way. Nice morning, but was back in the summer. The temp is a bit more chill these days. Well, in this morning it was anyway — 54 degress. But this afternoon was beautiful – 79 and very blue, clear skies. Aaaaah.

And here I am on the same day just as I take off. Huh. I never realized how gumpy I look on my bike. Ah, well. Being hip is for the youngsters. I’m 40. It’s my job to be a goof. My daughter seems to think so anyway.


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