Macomb County (MI) Republicans playing dirty

Well, there’s a big surprise, eh. It was only a matter of time.

Check out what these ass–oops! I mean, Republicans are up to:

The Michigan Republican Party is trying to suppress the votes of people who lost their homes due to Bush-McCain economic policies.

Led by Macomb County Republican Party Chairman James Carabelli, they’re using the same type of anti-democratic vote-stealing tactics used in past close elections.

In a move that would add insult to injury for people losing their homes to foreclosure, the Republicans actually want to keep them from voting in their communities.

So today we’re fighting back.

The Obama campaign joined Michigan residents and the Democratic National Committee in a lawsuit challenging the Republicans’ “lose your home, lose your vote” vote-suppression program.

But our best hope to stop these cynical, anti-democratic tactics is to make sure every voter in Michigan is aware of them. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper now and make sure the truth gets out:


No one knows better than Michiganders who have lost their homes how terrible the Bush-McCain economic policies have been for this state.

It’s no real surprise that these are the voters the Republicans want to keep from exercising their democratic rights.

Keep fighting the good fight,

Obama Action Wire

He he. It makes me so giddy to be part of the Obama Action Wire. I feel a little like a jr. super hero or something.

This made Olberman last night, number 3 on the countdown.


2 responses to “Macomb County (MI) Republicans playing dirty

  1. It is very embarrassing to know that James Carabelli is my second cousin. My grandmother (his aunt) would be very disappointed in his actions.

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