I want Rick Davis’ job.

You know the one he…

…was paid $30,000 a month for five years to do nothing except provide access to John McCain in the event he became president. Let’s call that pre-emptive lobbying.

Read more at DailyKos.com.

And using a typical Rove-ian tactict, Steve Schmidt of the McCain campaign did not because he could not deny the story but simply attacked the source of the information:

“Whatever the New York Times once was, it is not today by any standard a journalistic organization,” Schmidt said. “It is a pro-Obama organization that every day attacks Senator McCain, attacks Governor Palin, and excuses Senator Obama.”

Nice move S[c]h[m]it Blossom! You’re a real speck off the ol’ dung heap. Daddy Karl “turd blossom” Rove must be so proud of his little butt nugget!

3 responses to “I want Rick Davis’ job.

  1. Really? You think? I haven’t really looked into it too closely, but I have wondered, because I’ve considered moving my blog to blogger. But perhaps now I’ll just stay where I am.

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