This really made my morning.

Alaskan blogger, Mudflats, decided to do a little editing to a makeshift derogatory Obama sign hung above the highway.

Check it here.


4 responses to “This really made my morning.

  1. Perhaps. But unfortunately, they are going to vote. Although apparently if you don’t have an address because you lost your home you may not be able to.

    Why is it necessary to have an address to vote? Somone explain to me please.

  2. Smart comment from your reader Colleen. I agree. The Litmus test for idiots. Reminds me of Judy Tenuta’s comic routine: GIVE THAT GUY A SIGN (that says I’m stupid so you don’t have to bother stopping and wasting your time…)

  3. I agree.

    Makes me think there should be a similar sign for political ignoramuses so that they can be avoided.
    Something that reads along the lines: FACTS. I DON’T CARE FOR YOUR FACTS. I WATCH FOX NEWS.

    Yeah. That ougt to do it.

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