By the power of divorced GenX women!

 So may this presidentail election be decided. Whoa! You mean some segement of Generation X is actually a swing vote? That’s hard to believe. But apparently it true, or some people say:

If you’re a divorced woman from 29 to 47, with or without kids, you’ve got some clout you may not be aware of. Generational expert Ann Fishman thinks you hold the key to the next presidential election. “If you’re a divorced Gen X woman, you’ve got all the power in the world right now,” she said.

“They are the swing vote,” said Fishman, president of
Generational-Targeted Marketing Corp., which helps companies market to the six different generations in America today. “They are central to the election, but no one is paying attention to them.”   



Read full article here.

There’s been a lot of talk about the young people, i.e. Millennials, that have come into the political process this year and how they are likely to play a major role in deciding the next president. That is all to the good, but Generation X, though a much smaller cohort, needs to be paid attention to as well. Don’t missunderstand. We don’t need to have a constant stream of sunshine blown up our butts — although that does sound kind of nice, in a creepy, kinky kind of way. Oh, baby! — but as this article suggests candidates ignore GenXers at their peril. That’s all I’m saying.

And keep this in mind:

Gen Xer’s have no brand loyalty, meaning they will vote in a presidential election for the “best candidate for the job,” regardless of their chosen political party. They are looking for “the candidates who stay most true to themselves.”

And that goes for all y’all! You feel us?


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