Every comment on this post equals $1 for leukemia research!

My GenX blogging buddy, JenX67, is sponsoring a fundraising effort to fund leukemia research, in honor of the son of a friends who died one year ago on Sept. 27th at the tender age of 10 years old. Please help. It does not require a monetary donation, only a post to her blog posting here. For every blog post up to $250 Jen will donate $1 to the cause. So click on over and help out. I mean, come on. It’s only one little comment. If you’re like most Americans you full of comments, especially during the political season, so why not use one to support a good cause.


5 responses to “Every comment on this post equals $1 for leukemia research!

  1. Thanks for the plug!!! We’re at $36 and counting. Mostly, I hope to spread Mitchell’s story of hope. That last part was funny. I actually met with a woman today who wants to do a blog about LISTENING. I thought, “Wow. What a novel idea, since the Blogosphere is FULL of endless chatter – including mine. Ha!

  2. No problem-o. Glad to do it. It is a worthy story to spread. Unlike too much of the what is cluttering up the internet. But what can you do? It’s a free country. For now, anyway…

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