GenX Dad’s spend more time with their kids

…and prefer to spend less time on the job, according to a Creative Class blog article, which cites data from a Deloit & Touche research.

I know that’s true of me, and I love it! I’d rather spend my time hanging with my daughter, Addy, then sitting in some fucking meeting that’ll turn your brain into runny oatmeal until it leaks out your ears. When she was first born I worked from home after my wife went back to the office full-time. Later, I was home with her full-time. It was a challenge at times. Like the day I took her to the Zoo by myself and, picking her up to show her the fountain, she accidentally hooked my glasses and knocked them into the water. How the hell do you retreive your glasses from a fountain with a toddler in tow? I set her down on the ground, told her to hold onto the cement barrier that goes around the fountain, through which she could see me, and I took off my shoes and socks and waded in, something that you’re not supposed to do, according to posted signs, but damn if I was going to go searching for some zoo employee. The point is we managed. And actually, Addy thought it was funny, giggling at me the entire time.

I never imagined I’d be staying at home with my daughter, but then I’d had a hard time imagining myself as a parent to begin with. But, you know, life happens. You deal with it. And if you’re lucky, like I am, you find you really enjoy it, can’t imagine your life without it.

I was raised in a family where my dad worked and my mom was at home. My parents aren’t Boomers, they are Silent Generation. And while I a great childhood, that model simply does not apply anymore, not to most people that I know.

And GenX Dads are one the forefront of this change. We’re muddling through, figuring things out, and so will be a be pass along what we know. I will anyway. I mean, if I”m asked.


9 responses to “GenX Dad’s spend more time with their kids

  1. I am beginning to regret my role as best man at these nuptials–and not just because of the dead butterflies.

  2. I’ve been thinking about a writing an article for Generation X men for some journal or magazine – like a Slacker Transformed or Slackers Enter Their Glory Days. Because I have a brother and husband and close male friend so impacted by the predominant troubles GenX has faced – I feel very passionate about the subject. Go read aout 13th Generation and Nomads on the Neil Howe and Strauss site. The Nomad stuff – very interesting. Our elder years will be our high. I just knew it.

  3. Sounds like a great idea for an article, or even a book. I suppose these things begin with an article, though.

    Well, if our elder years are going to be our high, that’s a good incentive to stay healthy, eh. But I’ve always thought that GenXers will make good senior citizens, much better than Boomers will, because they refuse to admit that they are old. Whereas GenX is more realistic, more pragmatic, and we’ve already done the unemployed living on a limited income, complaining about the government/system thing, so it will be kind of nostalgic in a way. Plus, with our penchant for creativity, especially just for the sake of it while living on the margins, out of the public spotlight, I’d venture to guess that we might see some very interesting things come out of the GenX class once we’re retired. Like books and art and technology, things are created for their own sake not for some goal-oriented purpose, ie to make money.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

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