McCain set to cut and run in Michigan

A senior McCain adviser confirms to CNN that the campaign is “shifting resources” from Michigan to Ohio and Pennsylvania, and “opening up an offensive front” in Maine.

Read full CNN article here.

Of course the spin is that “Michigan was always a long shot for John McCain.” And the $2 million he dropped in the state on TV commercials didn’t much help either. Yeah, maybe that’s because Michiganders, hit hard by the down economy, wanted straight-talking John to tell them how he was going to improve their economic situation, but you can’t do that when your plan is to simply cut taxes for the rich and for powerful and rich oil companies and other such corporations. So John McCain’s answers is to say, Fuck it! We can’t win Michigan anyway so lets get the hell out. I.e. cut and run for a battle that he thinks he can win, like in Ohio or Pennsylvania.

Well, as far as this humble citizen is concerned: good riddance.

Hit the road Jack. And by Jack I of course mean John and by John I mean political wussy, because he’s clearly not tough enough to hack it in Michigan.

Sir! You do not deserve to wear a Red Wing jersey. And neither do you, McCain! Give it back!


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