Sarah Silverman’s potty mouth

Is totally juicy hot and features very prominently in many of my better, albeit more perverted, dreams. Oh, Sarah, baby!

But now she’s using it to to help get Barack Obama elected.

No. Not that way. Although I did have dream sort of like that once….

Anyhoo… she’s…well, here. Just watch this video. But hold onto your ass because you’re totally going to laugh it off. Seriously. Some of you might want to use both hands. Hey, some people have more ass then others. Don’t dread it, claim it, as the gift from god that it is. That’s right, you know it.

Okay enough…on with the show.

Only a GenXer would campaign this way, only a GenXer could. If a Boomer tried it, they’d totally fuck it up. Millennials, maybe — they’d have to prove it first.

4 responses to “Sarah Silverman’s potty mouth

  1. I cheerfully admit to believing there’s a definite gender-related genetic component to humor–i.e., that it is more of a male trait. I am, however, delighted by those rare cases in which I’m proven wrong, most notably by Sandra Bernhard and Sarah Silverman. Both women are freaking brilliant. Bernhard’s performance in “The King of Comedy” is one of the best things in any of Scorsese’s films. Sarah Silverman has more balls as a comedian than most of her male colleagues, and missing her show is one of my very few sincere regrets about not having TV. (On occasion I’ve actually arranged my schedule around watching it at the gym.) Her sketch about a one-night stand with God–a clingy, middle-aged black man who won’t take a hint and leave in the morning–is as perfect as anything Mel Brooks or Woody Allen have ever done. Brava!

  2. I have been thinking that since McCain has ‘given up’ on Michigan the Obama campaign should tailor the message in Michigan to read something like:

    ‘If McCain isn’t willing to fight for the Michigan vote what makes you think he will fight for Michigan?’

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