Do GenX women like Palin?

I know my wife is no fan. But I’ve wondered about others.

GenerationXpert takes up the subject and offers some insight into why some GenX women, like herself, do not particularly care for the Palin Drone.

It made sense to me.

Now the question is what about GenX men? No doubt some like her, and some don’t. I’m a GenX guy and I don’t. Why don’t I? Well, let me count the ways.

1) She’s obviously way over her head

2)She couldn’t name one newspaper or magazine that she reads. What other conclusion can one draw than she does not read the news. At least Bush was willing to say he didn’t read the papers, which I didn’t find impressive. Palin tried to dance around it, as if to claim she read widely, but who knows. She could have at least copped to having a weakness for People or US Weekly. Or what about Field and Stream, Guns and Ammo. Something woman, sheesh!

3)Her so-called folksyness is so fucking phoney. I just don’t buy it. I’ve read and heard numerous references that she kills and skins her own food. Well, I’m calling her out, because I think that this is bullshit. It seems akin to Bush liking peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and “clearing brush” on his Texas “ranch.” I want to see it. I want to see the Palin Drone hunt, track, raise her gun to take aim, and take down, oh, say, a bull elk. Then I want to see her field dress it and skin it. And I’m not talking about still photographs of her kneeling next to a carcass while holding a gun. That is not going to cut it. I want it live or video that can pass the not tampered with test. Because I do not believe that she can do it.

4)The Palin Drone: her voice. I hate the sound of her voice. It is so fucking annoying. One could argue that she can’t help that. Fine. But spare me the affected folksy phrases like, “Doggone.” And, “Darn it al.” Who the hell talks like that outside of cartoons that are making fun of the fact that people don’t really talk like that. It’s like she playing a character in a cartoon.

5)This may be trivial but, fuck it! Last night during the debate she had a wisp of hair that hung down inside of her glasses and against her eyelash. Every fucking time she blinked the wips of hair twitched. It was distratcting for some reason. Sort of like that thing on Edwards’ lip, during the 2004 election, which mysteriously disappeared before the 2008 one came around.

6)In typically Republican fashion she answered the questions she wanted to be asked, not the questions she was actually asked. On top of that, she was dismissive not only of Biden but of Ifill, a find and deservedly respected journalist, spouting about how she didn’t care if he or the moderator didn’t like her answers, because she was going to speak staright to the American people. Bull shit! Not answering question is anything but straight talk.

7)I don’t like her highlights

8)I don’t like her glasses

9)I don’t like that her big hair makes her resemble the creature from Alien.

10)I don’t like her husband. He’s to lurky. He lurks. He’s a lurker. And he looks like a real dick.

11) I don’t like that labeling of her as some “hot” or “babelicious” or whatever the fuck people are saying. She’s not. She scary. She’s the chick that, if I met her, I’d be like, stay away from her. She’s bad news. She’ll make your life hell.

I don’t like, oh, so many things about her. But mostly I don’t like that she could be a 72-year-old heartbeat away from the Presidency.

But here’s the thing. People should not dismiss her. They do so at their and this country’s peril. If McCain does not win. Someone, somewhere would do well to keep tabs on Sarah Palin. Because I would not be surprised to see her return, and next time she’ll be looking to be at the top of ticket. And if you thought Bush was adept at fucking things up, well, my esitmation is that you ain’t seen nothing yet, doggone it.


4 responses to “Do GenX women like Palin?

  1. So many good points here. Don’t even know where to begin – just good stuff. My husband says he agrees with the one about the lurker. haha GenerationXpert’s link to that site was great.

  2. Yeah. Todd Palin is just creepy. If those two keep pushing a high profile career for Sara, I’m betting some really bizarre dirt is going to come out on him.

    Saw a news headline that called Todd “lurker” Palin the next Hilary. But I’d go one more. He’s a kind of twisted love-child of Hilary and Dick Cheney. Calculating opportunist lurkers.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against Hilary. She ever runs again I’m likely to support her, but you can’t deny that she’s calculating and more than a bit opportunist. But I suppose you have to be to get to be President.

  3. We had a lively political chat the other day at lunch, and my parents wondered aloud if she is just ignorant, or plain stupid. Ignorant can go to school, right? Stupid just is what it is.

    She can be trained, my dad said. Theoretically, so can my dog. I don’t think dog should be VP either.

    But at least she is just ignorant, and can be taught the things she needs to know, right? Right. We can totally afford a “learn as you go” process right now. We can totally afford a straight talkin sun-uf-a-gun who tells us like it is. Cuz I’m “Joe Six Pack” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) and they apparently think I am as stupid as they are.

  4. As Forrest Gump would say: “Stupid is as stupid does.” I have to admit I’ve never been exactly clear on what that means. I think it means that if you’re actions are stupid than clearly you are. If that is so, then, yes, Palin is stupid. She’s out on the stump slinging trash at Obama. This hardly seems like a winning strategy. Sure, it makes her supporters feel good, gives them something to cheer about, which in turn inflates Mrs. Palin’s ego. But does it earn her and McCain any new supporters, and votes? That’s the real question.

    People may not like Bill Clinton. I have not been very fond him as of late, especially during the primary. But he was dead on when he appeared on The Daily Show with John Stewart, and was criticized for not showing Obama enough love. Clinton said, basicially, that he was glad that Obama had so many people that loved him, but that was not were this election is going to be won. It will be won with the voters who don’t yet love him. And to win their hearts, Obama needs to show that he loves them.

    But I’m find with Palin droning on, bashing Obama. It won’t help her and McCain’s chances. But has anyone considered that perhaps she doesn’t really care if McCain wins? Currently, she is surrounded by former Bush advisors. Many have compared Palin to Bush, and rightly so. And perhaps what is going on here, really, is that she is being groomed to run in four years.

    Sure, Palin and that Bush faction of the Republican party, would be glad to have McCain as a Republica placeholder for the White House, but they are already looking ahead four years. And right now Palin is at the top of their wish list. No doubt others will emerge.

    Palin is mostly just being introduced to the public. That conservative base of the Republican parties clearly likes her. But get them to love her, really attach themselve to her, and look out. All she’ll need is her own Karl Rove and we got problems on our hands.

    I really, really hope that if Obama wins, and increasingly it is looking as if that will be the case, someone somewhere immediatel begins a Palin Watch, keeping tabs on her and her activities. Because she is no longer satified to be the Gov. of Alaska, if she ever really was to begin with. Like the Terminator, she’ll be back. Andt this time it will be even more personal, an even dirtier and uglier debate.

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