The forgotten Monster Cereal

At least it was forgotten by me. In my blog post of Sept. 29 on cereal, which I was inspired to write after my daughter insisted on getting my Count Chocula as a surprise treat when she went shopping at Target with her mom.

Remember Yummy Mummy?

Of course, it was introduce in 1987, according to wikipedia, and as such could probably more rightly be considered a Millennial cereal. Full disclosure: I’ve never tried it. At the time, a year after I was out of high school, I was not so concerned with cereal anymore, although I still ate it, of course. Who doesn’t eat cereal? But I do remember Yummy Mummy in the stores, which I was reminded of when I ran across it while searching for Fruit Brute. It was discontinued in 1993, just after I graduated from college, boomeranged back home to live with my parents and started living on mostly bowls of sugary cereal again, this time consumed very late at night while watching soft core porn on Cinemax, instead of on Saturday mornings while watching cartoons.

But, hey. Check out this cool poster I found just now searching for Yummy Mummy images via google:

And this cool bobble head:

I know what I’m asking for Christmas!

And while we’re on the, oh, so very important subject of breakfast cereals. Does anyone remember Quisp?

Which also has a related bobble head, apparently called a Wacky Wobbler. Don’t ask. I have no fucking clue, and don’t really want one:

I’m pretty sure I saw this cereal in the store recently, which is entirely possible since according to its wikipedia page Quisp cereal was “re-introduced” as the first “internet cereal,” whatever that means. It’s funny, because the page also talked about commercials for Quisp which included a “competing character” for a cereal called Quake; the character was a miner and Quisp was an alien. But I’m drawing a complete blank on that one. The wiki article also stated that: “Starting in early March 2008, many Dollar General Stores (especially in, but not limited to, OH, PA, WV, and much of the Northeast US) will begin selling Quisp (as well as other classics such as King Vitamin, Crunchy Corn Bran, and Honey Graham Oh’s”

Now, I’m positive that I have seen King Vitamin in the store recently.

Is it just me, or is cereal a subject matter upon which many, if not most, GenXers could expound virtually endlessly?


5 responses to “The forgotten Monster Cereal

  1. After reading the Time article that says women don’t like Sarah Palin because she’s pretty, this was a welcome relief. Poor me another bowl of cereal, please.

  2. Why am I not surprised, yet still disappointed. First that this might actually true in some instances, and second that Time would invest resouces to do an article on it.

  3. Bizarre! Only in the fact that I was just thinking of Quisp cereal the other day and was trying to remember the name of the other cereal – Quake. I do remember the commercials, and they even had a “make-over” of the Quake character at one point. I believed it involved him falling into a machine of some sort and coming out with bulging muscles… or maybe that was just a fantasy. 🙂

    I also vaguely remember that there was a villain involved with both cereals. Kind of a crossover commercial plot point. But, yeah, I do remember both Quisp and Quake.

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