McCain and the Keating 5

No doubt people have heard about the 13/14 minute video documantary about John McCain’s association with Charles Keating and the Saving and Loan scandal. I had. But this video is still chilling.

Of course, McCain and his supporters are crying foul. But what the hell did they think would happen when Johnny and The Palin Drone started slinging mud at Obama? Did they really think he was just going to politely withstand the smears? He is not John Kerry.

And why should he be?

To reference a political axiom: I’ll put down my gun when you put down yours.

The thing is this kind of BS only plays to Kool-aide drinkers anyway, which benefits Obama, who, by most assements is leading, not McCain. Frankly, it strikes one as typical of McCain’s undisciplined style, his penchant for giving into his nasty side, to his darker demons, and saying, Fuck it, just let em have it.

McCain has poor judgement. He cannot keep his cool. He’s erratic and illetempered. And increasingly  he just comes of as a jerk! Not to mention a sleazy opportunist.

And he wants to be President of the United States? Hell, Arizona should do themselves a big favor and strip this guy of his Senator seat. Because if McCain loses who knows what kind of temper tantrum he’ll throw.


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