NY Times hits back hard on McCain

With this editorial.

It begins:

It is a sorry fact of American political life that campaigns get ugly, often in their final weeks. But Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have been running one of the most appalling campaigns we can remember.

They have gone far beyond the usual fare of quotes taken out of context and distortions of an opponent’s record — into the dark territory of race-baiting and xenophobia. Senator Barack Obama has taken some cheap shots at Mr. McCain, but there is no comparison.

Of course, I agree that McCain has been wallowing in the political mud as of late, and Palin has not only joined him but decided to slop around even more thoroughly and with great gusto. But the claims suggests that the Times has forgotten W’s two campaigns. Of course, to be fair, they do say “one” not “the most,” so, you know….

The good thing is, this strategy (or is it a tactic? Oh, I’m sure Mr. McCain or one of his “cronies” can set me straight on that one) does not seem to be working.

What is disturbing is how much relish The Palin Drone seems to take in delivering this kind of hate-monger BS.

Ms. Palin, in particular, revels in the attack. Her campaign rallies have become spectacles of anger and insult. “This is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see America,” Ms. Palin has taken to saying

At least McCain seems mildly reluctant, convinced, no doubt by those who once slung shit for W, that this is the only chance he has to win.

And what kind of patriotic revelry as The Palin Drone’s call inspired? Well,…

Her demagoguery has elicited some frightening, intolerable responses. A recent Washington Post report said at a rally in Florida this week a man yelled “kill him!” as Ms. Palin delivered that line and others shouted epithets at an African-American member of a TV crew.


So that’s Main Street America, eh. Well, I’ll be sure to stay the fuck away.

And the tactic of guilt by association is perplexing, since Mr. McCain has his own list of political associates he would rather forget. We were disappointed to see the Obama campaign air an ad (held for just this occasion) reminding voters of Mr. McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five savings-and-loan debacle, for which he was reprimanded by the Senate. That episode at least bears on Mr. McCain’s claims to be the morally pure candidate and his argument that he alone is capable of doing away with greed, fraud and abuse.

Although it may well be disappointing that Obama released the Keating 5 video, but to borrow a hard ball political axiom: We’ll put down our gun, when you put down yours.

But McCain is not going to do that. He and Deputy Palin are going to go out in a blaze of glory, shooting and cussing as they sink irrevocably into the mud of desperate political losers who only seem to care about decency when they are winning. Like those bratty little kids who ruin it for everyone else when they don’t get their way.

Somebody needs to give McCain and Palin a time out!


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