Pint-sized politicos

So… yesterday was my turn to drop my daughter and her friends off at soccer practice. After picking Addy up from Kids Club (the after school program she attends both in the morning and the afternoon) we went home and lickitysplit attended to her homework, got a snack, and donned soccer gear, before bolting out to pick up her friends.

Addy and her friends, Julia and Zoe, are little chatter boxes. They start the moment they see each other and, as far as I can tell, don’t stop until well after they’ve parted each other’s company. With Addy anyway, I see her energy and excitement level sky rocket when she gets together with her friends. Probably has much to do with being an only child and being completely bored with her boring bore bore parents who are not doubt the boringest bores that ever bored a bore. Borrrrrrrr inngggggg!

Anyhoo… trucking along through rush hour traffic in our little Honda Civic with these three little motor mouths, who are clearly violating the sound speed limit, crammed into the back seat, I couldn’t help wondering why anyone would want more than one of these things. Egads! The very idea makes me want to gobble an entire Entenmann’s raspberry coffee cake. MMmmmmmm.

It was next to impossible to follow the flits and flights, loops and dips, hops and jumps of their conversational trajectory.  But at one point, as we travelled down Lincoln, a semi-busy road, Julia piped up suddenly, wanting to know, “Who are you voting for?” No doubt this comment was sparked by the numerous Obama lawns signs along Lincoln, far outnumbering McCain signs. It had been sometime since I’d driven this way and I couldn’t repress a little grin of satisfaction at the sight, although I immediately self-checked myself out of fear of becoming smug; like I told my wife last night, I will not be content until I see Obama place his hand on the bible and be sworn in as the 44th President of these United States. But I digress…

Addy immediately responded with, “Obama.”

To which Julia replied: “Thank you very much.”

Zoe seemed undecided, however. She said, “I don’t vote.” But after further discussion she announced her support for Obama.

It was pretty cute.


4 responses to “Pint-sized politicos

  1. Win their hearts when they’re young.

    This actually plays to a point that is made in a book entitled Millennial Makeover that predicts that party that wins the support of this next generation will likely dominate politics for upwards of 40 years.

  2. You and your wife are incredibly boring, I can see why daughter has to find a new audience. 🙂

    I don’t know why anyone has more than one either. Can I have some Entemans cake too? Or a doughnut? Or an ice cream cone?

    I’m also pleased to hear that the younger set is just as frustrated with McCain’s mud slinging and Palin’s mindless jabber.

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