Political Lawn sign wars

So on Sunday, late morning/early afternoon, I’m slacking around, reading the paper and watching the Sunday political round table shows, when some woman comes stalking up my walk with a very pinched, determined look on her face and her little dog under one arm. And I thought, Uh, oh. What’s this lady want?

I’d just put out my Obama sign the day before, one that I had to cop from a colleague at work because every time I go into the Obama office near my house they are out of signs. I don’t know, I guess I thought maybe this lady was coming to pick a fight with me. Yeah, that’s how wound up I am for this election.

Turned out she was also an Obama supporter. She told us that we might want to move our sign closer to our house because McCain supporters were stealing them.  (I have my sign positioned far down the lawn near the edge of the driver for optimal viewing by drivers that stop at our intersection.) This immediately ratcheted up my already irritable political disposition, especially because upon coming home on Friday I saw that my Gary Peterser for Congress sign was gone.

After the woman left, I did have to consider that my Peter’s sign was on the easement and thus could have been removed per city rules on lawn signs by a passing police officer, although I would not be surprised if it was reported by some Knollenberg supporter. Knollenberg is looking pretty vulenerable, and is desperate enough to beg Sarah Palin to return to the state to campaign with him. What do you think, Joe? In four years when The Drilla from Wasilla runs again she’s going to pick you as a VP? Keep dreaming, pal!

In any case, the Peters sign was free. And I just replaced the one with two, both of which are squarely on my property. Along with two Obama signs as well, one face each direction.

If people want to steal these signs I can’t really do anything about that. Although at first I thought if any of my signs did go missing I was going on a midnight raid to swipe up every McCain and/or Knollenberg sign within a 1/4 mile radius, but then I realized there’s no real point in doing that. These people, whomever they are, are acting out of desperatioin and pettiness. Fine. Let them. Do they really think that stealing a lawn sign will make a difference? Obama is still up as much 16 points in Michigan according to some polls. And, according to an article on slate.com lawns signs don’t really help a campaign much anyway. Talking to your neighbors and donating is more effective. I’m inclined to believe that’s true, but I should still be able to dispaly mine where I want on my property, so that’s what I’m doing. If they get stolen, I’ll just report the theft and replace them, again. I’ve also thought I would post a new sign that reads something like: A COWARD STOLE THIS SIGN! or mabye, SOME JERK STOLE THIS SING! Something like that, anyway.

But just to make it a little more difficult, we tapped the plastic sign to the metal wire part that sticks into the ground. Take that! You lawn signs theives.

On a tangential note, I saw a house with both a McCain and an Obama sign. I was wondering if this would ocurr. It isn’t far from our house, located at a pretty busy intersection. Seems like it would be fodder for a news story.


2 responses to “Political Lawn sign wars

  1. As Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. 1) Oklahoma Dem HQ has run out of signs. They couldn’t give Kerry signs away – but peeps wait in line for them at the HQ building. 2) It’s nice to know that the same signs that are getting stolen off my street in Oklahoma City are getting stolen off yours in Michigan.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t actually call it nice. But yes, it is happening. And like I said, it is clearly out of desperation and pettiness.

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