The Big Shlep may be paying off in Florida

Previously this month I posted the now famous Sarah Silverman video  (as of today I have yet to hear one word of thanks from Ms. Silverman’s mouth, that sexy dirty mouth, for helping make her video go viral, but I understand she’s back with Jimmy K so, you know they’re probabably all tied up in heavy duty, wild romping make up sex but that should cool down soon enough and then I full expect to her from the great potty-mouthed diva; should be any second no, any second now) for the get out the vote project, The Big Schlep, in which Jewish grandkids lobby their Jewish grandparents to support Barack Obama. Apparently, this movement is making some ground, or at least getting some (more) laughs.

Read the CNN article.

Granted no one can predict how many minds will be changed, but something is shifting in Obama’s favor down in Florida. And every little bit helps.


2 responses to “The Big Shlep may be paying off in Florida

  1. Now that Obama’s “stimulus” package has been exposed to include health care rationing for SENIORS, I wonder how stupid those gullible Miami seniors are feeling, finding out now that having voted for Obama signed their death warrants?

  2. Now that your “worthy” comment has shown that you’re a jerk, one can’t help wonder how stupid anyone who associates with you feels for, you know, befriending a jerk. Jerk!

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