Who is Joe The Plumber?

Real name Joe Worzelbacher, could he be a McCain shill? Dailykos suspects so.

For starters, according to Ben Smith, he’s not registered to vote.

I have no idea who Ben Smith is. Probably some Liberal shill, knowing dailykos.

But doesn’t…

It also seems odd that he just happens to be buying a business that would earn exactly the amount of money that would qualify it to be a McCain campaign talking point — $250,000. Even more intriguing, McCain-land said they had never spoken with Joe before, but also made the following statement to Ben Smith.

Yet…they also had his phone number.

How convenient.

Not to mention that Joe… was totally on message for McCain…


Bottom-line: it’s not entirely clear what the real story of Joe The Plumber is. But it is entirely clear that he’s not just some undecided voter. He supports McCain, and the McCain campaign sure seems to support him.


Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised. It seems precisely the kind of trickery that Republicans would employ.


5 responses to “Who is Joe The Plumber?

  1. Although probably Joe is a shill, he is suppose to represent the hard working American.

    So dirty tricks aside, they were talking to a representative- Joe citizen.

    (Joe citizen who balances on making 250,000 dollars is not all that representative of the general population)

  2. Shill or not, he was used to represent Joe citizen.

    If his income borders $250K that is not representative of the public.

    The true Joe Citizen average is formerly middle class, over his head in debt, and looking at a bleak future of work and income.

  3. Well put, batguano.

    I’m sorry but I have a hard time being concerned with people that make $250-plus a year. If you can’t cut it on that much then you are financially retarded. You’re living way beyond your means. Stop buying shit you don’t need, which inlcudes dome wax, baldy.

    My wife and I combined make around $100k. We have little credit card debt. Our only real debt comes from our ou mortgage, which we refinanced from a 5-year ARM to a 30-year fixed rate, and our cars, both of which we are going to buy, because leasing is financially dumb in the long run. BTW both our cars are Hondas. Not because we are unpatriotic, but because we believe in a free market, and in a free market you get the best value for you money. And since GM, Chrysler and Ford insist on making gas-guzzling crap mobiles we buy Hondas.

    Point is: we live within our means, do our best to make sounds financial descions, and always try to NOT spend on money on shit that we do not need.

  4. If Joe wanted to haul passengers to Catalina Island, the price he pays for lunch on the island has nothing to do with getting a loan to buy the boat.

    The credit disaster prevents him from buying his business today.

    No tax plan prevents him from buying the business.

    The argument is specious and should have been addressed as such rather than making Joe a national debate celebrity.

    But, that said, if Joe does not get his loan and business now, the GOP does not reward it’s helpers.

    (I do not see Obama or today’s McCain as the best policies for the nation today or dealing with the past 8 years)

  5. All true. Especially that no tax plan prevents him from buying his business. It is the poor state of the economy in general, or so it seems to me. If he can eventualy buy the business, he’ll be fine. He just may not make as much as he feels he is entitled to. But I doubt he’ll be living like a pauper. I’ve hired a few plumbers in my time and my sense, based on that limited experience, is that they do okay. Probably better than I do with my fancy liberal education from community college and two middle-sized state schools.

    The only thing the GOP rewards it’s so-called “helpers” with would be a pair of boot straps to pick themselves up with.

    I suppose it depends on what you mean by “best for the nation or dealing with the past 8 years.” Fact is, something needs to be done. And McCain displays far too little understanding of economics to be allowed to even try. I’m willing to allow Obama to try. Perhaps that is really the only difference for a lot of people. Hopefully enough anyway to get Obama elected.

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