Greg on Marsha

Or Barry on Maureen, I should say…

Or more acurately Barry not quite on Maureen…

With the release of Maureen McCormick’s new “tell all” bio of course comes the obligatory reactions and commentary from fellow cast memebers, especially from  Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady, who everyone knows had a thing with Maraureen while she show was going on. According to this CNN interview Barry confirms what Maureen writes in her new book, that though Barry and Maureen fooled around plenty Barry never quite sealed the deal, to put it crudely. Bummer, dude. But at least he got to plug his blog called The Greg Brady Project, which I’m going to have to add to my blog roll.

I blogged previously that I don’t usually read celeb bios but I may just read McCormick’s. I have the first hold on it here at the library where I work. We’ll see.


4 responses to “Greg on Marsha

  1. From a PR/Marketing perspective, I wonder why McCormick’s get the nod. I mean, I’d read her bio, but never Peter’s or Florence’s or the housekeeper’s. There must have been something genuine and honest we picked up on in Maureen. Plus, she’s the only one that continued looking good and grew into herself, and in our culture, looks do create bias. I hope I’m not that shallow. I do feel compelled to go that book, which is so weird, b/c there are about 15 others on my list that “seem” more improtant.

  2. That is curious. And I’m with you. I’m more likely to read McCormick\s than any of the other players’. But then I, like plenty of other adolescent boys, had a huge crush on Marsha Brady, so there’s that.

    I did watch a interview with her and she talked about how difficult it was to pretend to be Barry’s sister and that she could rewatch shows and see at times that there was a glimmer of something else going with her. I find that interesting.

  3. He made up for not making it with Maureen, by making it with Florence instead. Personally, I just think that’s wrong! Man, there were some dirty secrets going on behind the scenes on that show – let’s not forget Robert Reed’s leanings.

    We thought it was all so sweet and innocent, didn’t we?


  4. Not that Florence Henderson wasn’t attractive in her way, but for me it doesn’t really seem like an equal pay off. Among my horny adolsecent set anyway, Marsha was the like the Holy Grail. I know that’s crude, but what do you want? We were hormone-charged boys.

    The back stories about the actors is what, I think, makes The Brady Bunch a fairly significant bit of pop culture. Though it was a second marriage for both Mike and Carol, other than that it was a fairly sanatized representation of suburban life. What was the heaviest issue ever raised on the show, anyway? Greg (or was it Peter) being accused of smoking, which he didn’t actually do. Compare that with a show like All in the Family that actually had an episode in a guy attacks Edith, trying to rape her.

    Ultimately, the juxtapostion of The Brady Bunch characters with the real life actors that played them will, at least for me (and I suspect others as well), will always be fascinating. But in a different way than with contemporary actors, since we’ve reached a stage where we kind of expect, and even crave this sort of thing from them. People bet on when so and so is going to crash and burn, have a sex tape out, turn lezbo, go gay, get caught nailing the babysitter. In comparison, the goings-on amongs The Brady Bunch actors was mild. Although I hear that some of the stuff in the Maureen McCormick book is pretty racey. We’ll see.

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