And finally acceptance….

Over the weekend I was privy to a conversation in which I heard what I can only assume was a Republican/McCain supporter concede that Obama was going to win the Presidential Election. Of course, in typical stodgy conservative fashion it was grudging at best. This guy (older white in a gray suit and balding, of course – not that his age, race, attire or follicle predicament has anything to do with this political leanings) was yaking about the election to I think an elderly woman. Basically he said that of course Obama was going to win because Americans (not including him and any number of other “Real Americans”, I’m assuming) require instant gratification and Obama, like Bill Clinton, is a good talker (the assumption being, I assume, that he is all style and not substance), which appeals to that sort of weak character. What else could be to explain for wanting Obama when you could have, and I quote, “some old guy that knows everything,” at which point I almost spit the drink in my mouth all over the table in front of me but managed to contain myself.

I suppose it is hard to give up the ghost, and no doubt this grump is way ahead of a lot of others of his ilk, and I was this close to feeling for the guy, a little, when he then said that, well, it was okay, because Obama would only be in office for four years and then we could get a real guy back in the White House.

Yeah. That’s right. Imagine my fucking shock to learn that Obama is not real. He’s fake. Some kind of cyborg or robot or alien or genetically engineered being of some sort. I mean, shit! This changes everything. What else can I do but vote for fucking Bob Barr!

Seriously, I hope that their are droves of Republicans who are living in such a deep state of, who need to delude themselves to throughly about Obama. They want to think he’s a marsh mellow, a light weight. Fine. Do that. It will only make it more likely that, upon winning election, he gets a second term. Beyond that, after his tenure in the White House, that he paves the way for Hilary Clinton to take her turn. If old buggers like this dude aren’t dead by then, they will be, instantly when they hear the race called for Hilary on the nightly news broadcast. And, oh, what glorious day that will be.

Of course, when you feel you’re sure you candidate it going to lose complacency is consolation.

I’m not sure Obama is going to win, despite what any poll says. I won’t be satisfied until I see him sworn in. And I hope that neither will any of Obama’s other supporters.


4 responses to “And finally acceptance….

  1. I read somewhere that Obama had resorted to his usual “mind numbing eloquence” as if being a bumble mouthed idiot (i.e. “Well, when you’ve got two mavericks on the ticket…” or “fool me once, don’t do it again”) is actually preferrable to making coherent statements.

  2. Ah. What a joy it will be if Obama wins. For no other reason than to have a president who, when he speaks, doesn’t sound like he has terrets (sp?).

  3. i have this weird feeling that something strange is going to occur in voters once they are inside the booth. i just can’t believe, on most days, that these are choices. i know you’re a big Obama supporter, and I was, but I’ve fallen off the wagon. A pall has fallen over our household. My pro-Obama husband doesn’t know what to think of me. I just don’t think I can vote this time. I think I’m where you were a week ago with your tired of it all post. Maybe I’ll come around.

  4. Yes. Jen. I am plagued by that very same notion.

    While I am still a big Obama supporter and do plan to vote for him, I’ve topped out on all this business. It is more that I just want it to be over and done with so that we can move on, for crying out loud. Not that I want McCain to win. I most certainly do not!

    So here is hoping that you will come around. If it helps, just imagine what it will be like with Sarah Palin in the VP post for at least 4 freaking years. After awhile the SNL skits are not going to be all that funny anymore, if at all. How much comfort do you imagine it will provide.

    If that doesn’t motivate you then consider that McCain has a 1 in 3 chance of passing away in office, which would put Palin in the White House proper. A disaster!

    I may be fed up with the campaign. I may be sick of the political phone calls, even from Obama, especially the office that is hectoring me to bring them food the Sunday before the election, which I am not going to do, but in the end I just can’t NOT vote for Obama.

    But everyone has to make up their own mind.

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