Forget about Maureen and Barry. What about Maureen and Eve?

Whilst googling Eve Plumb I came across some articles, like this one from the New York Post, that claimed Maureen McCormick was going to reveal a lesbian affair with Eve Plumb. Whoa! Baby!

Of course, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. If it was true McCormick seems to have decided to leave it out of her book. At least, as far as I can tell. But I’m only about half way into it. So there’s still a chance… Yeah, I know, not likely. But a guy can dream can’t he?

Hmm. That give me an idea: celebrity impersonators doing porn. What do you think? Yeah, probably already been done.

So I’m into the part following The Brady Bunch went off the air. At which point McCormick quickly found her way to moving out on her own, losing her virginity, having two abortions, and developing a wicked a cocaine habit. Apparently, she was hanging with some pretty big drug dealers and doing a lot of blow, enough to earn her the nickname “Hoover.” Was snorting coke the only reason, Maureen? Come on. It is a tell all after all.

Well, she did divulge that upon breaking up with her coke-snorting boyfriend that he dumped a milkshake over her head, after which they proceeded to scream and fight outside, which made me feel a white trash sort of kinship with her.

Anyway. I thought the writing got better when she was covering her drug use. It seemed more authentic, less affected or whatever.


6 responses to “Forget about Maureen and Barry. What about Maureen and Eve?

  1. Yeah. Sounds like you’re as disappointed as I am that it turned out to be only a rumor. Dag!

    But how you gonna hate on Maureen dat way, dog?

    I’m not saying the book ain’t mainly trash. How could it be otherwise. But I guess my point is, it’s trash that I kind of dig, you know.

  2. I dig.
    But Maureen should write about her own stuff and not drag others into it with innuendo.
    It’s just plain rude to start rumours.
    That’s how you get hurt.

  3. You make an excellent point, Kevin. But of course we’re dealing with entertainment personalities here, in which narcissm, solipsism, egoism and probably several other similar kinds of isms abound.

    Of course, Mo (we’re tight so I can call her that) does write mainly about her own stuff. But what gets me as not often very well. She may lament being unable to shake the Marcia Brady branding, but if it wasn’t for her stint on The Brady Bunch this book would never have been published.

    In the end I’m going to guess that the manuscript was vetted and run passed most people mentioned in order to parse out shit that might lead to some kind of litigation or whatever. So, who knows? Maybe the Marcia-Jan lezzie scenario was true after all. Or maybe I’m just an incorrigable pervert.

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