Could there be a hidden X effect?

With all the chatter about The Bradley effect (I’d link her but there are just too many articles to choose from, and besides if you don’t know what it is by now than you must have your head up your ass, which begs the question: how the hell are you reading this anyway?) and now McCain’s pollsters claiming that the race is actually, much, much closer than the signs indicate, I wonder if perhaps there is something that is being missed.

An X effect. By which I mean a GenX effect.

Please allow me to attempt to explain, even though I’ll probably fuck it up anyway.

Recently I posted that I was pretty much burnt out on this election. And it was true. I just felt as if I couldn’t take it anymore, and only wanted it to be over. Since then I have been plagued by bad dreams. Seems like I am waking up just about every night between 4 and 5 am. At least it isn’t 3:15am every night (a prize to whomever guesses that reference — here’s a hint James Brolin NOT Ryan Reynolds). Sometimes they’re just surreal; I dream about Maureen McCormick/Marsha Brady, no doubt because I’ve been reading her trash memoir, but they’re not the teenage boy wet dream kind of dreams, but that’s for another post. Just as often, if not more, I dream about the election in some way. Usually I don’t remember specifics, just vague impression. But not last night. Last night I remembered my dreams pretty clearly: I’d watched elections results and Obama won, then I went to bed, and when I woke up later in the night and checked the news breaking news reported that he had been assassinated, killed, whatever… It really freaked me out, even after I realized it was just a dream, and I’ve been on edge ever since.

I’m not sure why I’m having these dreams. Perhaps just because the election is getting ever closer. But I can’t escape this anxiety, not just about Obama losing, for whatever reason, but about him winning. In some ways, that scares me even more. And not because I secretly believe that Obama is or was or will be one day a Muslim. That has nothing to do with it.

I really think it has more to do with him being a GenXer. (And I know, I know. I can already predict the self-important Boomer response, insisting that he is not. But that is such a losing argument, I don’t even know where to begin. So skip that shit.) Yeah, now that it looks as if Generation X might actually have it’s first president I’m having a hard time dealing with it. I’m having a hard to believing it is possible. Something got to go wrong. Something will fuck things up. I just know it. Thus serving the biggest collective disappointment to Generation X yet.

Believe me. I know how whiny that sounds. I do. But I can’t help suspecting that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

How do I feel exactly? It’s hard to explain, really. I know I’m not doing a very good job of it. But I feel like participating in this election, casting my vote for Obama, wanting him to win so badly, is dooming his campaign to failure. Yeah, how fucked up is that? As if my wants and desires and participation has shit to do with anything. And yet….

Recently a fellow GenXer expressed a similar kind of ennui, for lack of a better word. And as a result is considering NOT voting. I confess I’ve considered this myself. Just not voting.

And so I got to thinking. Could there be a significant number of GenXers afflicted with this vague sort of doubt? Could there be some kind of GenX effect at work? I realize that we are small generation, much smaller than Boomers and Millennials, but still just possibly big enough. Boomers vote, we know that. And I got to tell you I think the Millennials are going to really turn out on election day, if they haven’t already. I already know at least a few that have voted absentee. Remember, the young vote that didn’t turn out in previous election cycles was Generation X.

But maybe I’m just wigging here. I don’t know.

Perhaps it seems strange that what I’m talking about here is not complacency but rather — what? It almost feels like a fear of finally getting what you want, you know. A fear of success. Something like that anyway. Do other GenXers suffer from this sort of mind set? Maybe it’s just me.

In any case, it’s got me thinking that it is time to stop whining, and stop moping. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to run out and start knocking on doors for Obama. Believe me I am not the guy you want doing that anyway. But I can at least make sure that I cast my vote. And let it never be said that I didn’t do the least that I could, one of my mottos, I suppose.

I suppose it is rather ridiculous to take the possible results of this election so personally, as if Obama’s failure, if he were to be elected, as my own failures. And yet, I can’t help feeling as if I will in some way. He’ll be the first GenX president, and so in addition to carrying the hopes of many African Americans into the White House and before the world, he’ll be carrying the hopes of a generation, at least as far as I am concerned he will.

19 responses to “Could there be a hidden X effect?

  1. Get over yourself…Barack Obama is my age. He may present himself as a generation Xer, but clearly…born in 1959, he’s at the tail end of the baby boom. Can’t change the facts my friend!

  2. Hey. Did I call it or what?

    Boomers are so predictable, in addition to being self-absorbed, self-obsessed, self-concerned, self-indulgent, and just plain selfish. And now we can self-deluded to that list as well. Like the the dipshit that tried to tell me that I, at 40, was a Boomer. Please.

    But hey, you fuckers are getting old, so it is only to be expected that you’re marbles would start rattling around mindlessly.

    For the record, dumb ass, Obama was born in 1961. August 4th to be exact. No one who was 6 years old during the “Summer of Love” and 8 when Woodstock happened could possible be a Boomer. How do you like them facts.

    Peace, love, and get bent, jerk!

  3. Why are people so threatened by facts? If you’re old enough to have children that are Gen Y, you’re not likely Gen X…unless your children were born when you reached puberty!

  4. I might be threatened if you had any facts. Which you don’t. So got spin a Beatles Album and cry over your generations passing, dip wad.

  5. PS:

    Obama’s daughters are not Gen Y. They were born in 1998 and 2001. Gen Y constitutes those born between 1977 and 1995, since you’re so found a facts.

  6. WOW…I stand corrected…please, feel free to take credit for Obama, that was certainly not my intention. Where does your anger come from? I was only 10 during the summer of love and 12 during woodstock, but a boomer I am. The fact that at 40 the only way you can express your own point of view is to denegrate others is pathetic. The baby boom generation being well over a decade in length is very diverse. Your anger seems to indicate you aspire to be one yourself. By the way…self-absorbed, self-obsessed, self-concerned, self-indulgent and just plain selfish…were you describing Obama? Think he’s looking our for you? Guess again…we’ll all be the Proletariate and he’ll be the Bourgeoise. It’s been fun…but you don’t intimidate me.

  7. PS: and by the way…I watched every episode of the Brady Bunch when it first started on tv. what you were watching were re-runs! And for the record, I said he COULD have children in Gen Y…not that he did. Relax!!

  8. “Proletariate” and “Bourgeoise” … Yeah, you’re a Boomer all right. But, hey, that’s your problem. How sad for you.

    And spare you me your fucking concern of my anger issues. You Proletariatre dick wad! I’m not interested. But of course, Boomer that you are, you’re convinced that I, a GenXer, woud have to be desperately in need of your oh, so, deeply earned wisdom. Stick it pal.

    You not only stand corrected. You sit corrected. Lay down corrected. And take a dump corrected.

    But WOW! What a zinger. You saw The Brady Bunch in their original run. Please, let me bow down to you, because of course you’re better than me simply by virtue of the fact that you were born before me. That is the epitomy of Boomer think.

    What’s really sad about the pathetic Proletariate point is that you’re obviously a self-hating Boomer who, now that being so is outdated if not outright pathetic and will on be more so as you age, wants to be a GenXer. Sorry, we don’t want you, and won’t take you. You had your run. It’s done. Good nght, Irene.

  9. See…one of the differences between us is that I can both spell and define Proletariate and Bourgeoise. And then there’s your eloquent use of vulgarity which puts you on a whole other level…subterranean! You define LAZY, ARROGANT, and SELF-ABSORBED; and are a large part of that which is negative in GEN X. You lease cars you can’t afford to buy, you buy houses you can’t afford to furnish or even pay for, and run home to mommy and daddy with your hand out! Better yet…in your 30’s and 40’s you return home to live with and off your parents. And your parents are Boomers to boot! They must be so proud of how you’ve turned out. At barely 10 years older than you, my run’s hardly over. I’m a professional woman with a successful business. As the mother of three Gen Ys, I can tell you that your generation is the most needy, whiney, entitled bunch I’ve ever encountered. You can never admit you’re wrong or accept that you aren’t the best at everything you do. You have children you think walk on water, whom you’re raising have no respect or concern for anyone but themselves…and you think I wish I were you? Missed an opportunity? nah…more like dodged a bullet! Rather than sit around waiting for your inheritance, you might want to consider getting a life, or at least a job! Don’t have anymore time to waste on you…got to go to work. NOW THERE’S A FOUR LETTER WORD YOU’RE PROBABLY NOT FAMILIAR WITH!

  10. Oh, there are many, maybe difference between us my NOT-friend, and for that I am eternally grateful – praise be to the head of cabbage rotting on post in my back yard! And one of those many difference is just how predictable dick wad Boomers like yourself are. I was just waiting for the you-can’t-spell-and-don’- know-the-meaning- of –big-words-that-I-like-to-use-because-it-makes-me-feel-superior blah blah blah lashing to come ticking off your forked, Boomer-serpent tongue. Touche, douche bag. Well played. And I am so NOT sorry that my vulgarity offends your, oh, so delicate sensibilities. Are you gonna cry like Hilary when she got her ass handed to her in Iowa? Gee, I sure hope not. Why are Boomers such PC wussies? Don’t answer that. I don’t care. Go cry to your mommy.
    But for the record, I own both my cars. I have almost no credit card debt. My wife and I have no problem making our mortgage payments on our – wait for it – very modes 1,100 sq. ft ranch home. Our furniture is all paid for and while not extravagant it is nice, and tasteful, thanks mainly to my wife. If it was just me, I’d live in a dirt floor shack, partly because I’m lazy and like the tactile connection with the Earth, but mostly because my Silent Generation parents that grew up in West Virginia coal mining towns during The Depression (note that it is capitalized, as is appropriate) and taught me the importance of saving my money, investing wisely, and not spending wastefully. And yes, they are proud. Thanks so much for noticing what a fine young man I man I turned out to be. Because you know I would never have really believed it until a Boomer like yourself confirmed it.
    And while I did return home to live with my parents, yes, in my 30s, I helped to renovate and update their home. So much for you GenX slacker stereotyping, which I know you Boomers are so fucking fond of, it being one of the many selfish ways that you pump up your own already over-bloated egos and self-esteem.
    Your logic escapes me. Exactly how does you being a mother (congrats btw! No one has have children until your generation) of three Gen Ys give you some indisputable authority to lambast Generation X?. Oh, right. I forgot. You’re a Boomer, you make up your own logic.
    I have a life. I have a job. This after all is my blog. No one invited to come spew your rhetorical venom here. But you of course, Boomer that you are, you felt the need to do so. Fine. But don’t cry when you get smacked down for it. You and you ilk are going to have deal with the fact that some GenXer are sick of being bullied by the likes of you. How dare us? How dare we not bow down in deference to your obvious superiority?
    Yeah. I’m going to go ahead a NOT use my child as a pawn in this argument, nor will I attack your children. GenXers don’t do that sort of thing. But clearly you and your warped generation feel it is absolutely appropriate. Kudos to you.
    You are a sad, twisted, woman. And you have my pity. Farewell!
    PS: feel free to point out all my misspellings and grammatical error, which are, oh, so important in a blog posting on a blog that almost no one reads.

  11. So this is what you do for work? Fascinating, and explains why you’re voting for the ‘income re-distributor’. Enjoy wallowing in your anger and ignorance.

  12. Work? What’s that?

    Working is for suckers!

    Besides, why would I work when I can live off the fruits of other peoples’ labors, like you. Thanks so much.

    Tip: Next time you see that commercial with the crazy guy with the jacket covered in question marks telling you how you can get FREE money from the government, you call. Immediately!

  13. I read your post and went to post and confess that I’m burned out when I saw Baby Boomer’s tirade. WOW. I’ve actually received a couple nasty grams from Baby Boomers on my blog – all responding to other media reports about Gen X.

    Regarding your post, what if an Xer wins and things are no better? What if he actually makes everything worse? This is Generation X apathy at work – so I’d say your thesis is tracking with some Xers. Wonder what O’neill and Latckhkey man are thinking…

  14. Thanks, Jen.

    I suspected that there were some GenXers out there that felt the same way I do.

    I feel pretty burnt out too and it has led to a kind of apathy. But after my lawn signs were snatched this past weekend, I’ve got my dander up again. Oh, I’m voting all right.

    As for Baby Boomers like the one slinging crap on this post, I could really care less what they have to say. But if they are going to mouth off on my blog I’m not really feeing inclined to be polite. I’ve got a potty mouth and will not hesitate to use it.

    Of course, I also this one jerk who can’t accept that Obama is a GenXer. I just deleted his post. It is pointless to argue. So he goes bye bye.

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