Where’s Jan?

So when I finished Maureen McCormick’s memoir and thought, well, that’s several hours of my life that I’ll never get back, I noticed in the acknowledgments that she thanks every major cast member from The Brady Bunch show except Eve Plumb, Jan. Isn’t that curious?

Yeah, you’re right. Not so much. But it still got me thinking. So I looked up Eve Plumb on wikipedia. And I learned that Plumb is an artist. She paints. Her wikipedia page has a link to her site that displays many of her paintings. I thought some of them were kind of cool. Like these:

I like the way tablecloth contrasts with the wood wainscoting and wood chair.

I like the sharp shadows in t his one. And the coffee cup. Plumb seems to have a thing for coffee cups and mugs. Me too.

I like the POV of this one and the people at the next table. Although the salt and pepper shakers seem out of place. But what do I know, right?

This one’s interesting too. Plumb seems to have a thing for unoccupied seats at tables. Makes you wonder if she dines a lone a lot. Anyway, I like it.

What caught my attention in this one was the sign that reads “New Low Price,” which seems odd but interesting associated with apples or perhaps red peppers. I mean, it’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see attached to real estate sign or a car but not fruits and veggies. I wonder what her motivation was for doing that.

This one is entitled Room Service. So why the two green apples? I like the contrast with the white linen napkin, though.

Another empty chair and cup of coffee.

I really like this one. The feel of it. The warm golden colors and the starker sunlight. Plus that little blue pitcher really anchors it somehow. I suppose that is why it is called Blue Pitcher. I dig the specific style of chairs and table. It reminds me of the kind in my grandparents kitchen in their house in West Virginia. Although different colors.

Something GenX about this, which make sense since Generation X has been dubbed the Jan Brady of generation, sandwiched between two more dramatic attention-seeking generation.

I suppose that Eve Plumb’s life hasn’t been nearly as dramatic as Maureen McCormick’s since The Brady Bunch ended, but somehow I think she, Eve, would be more interesting to talk to.


4 responses to “Where’s Jan?

  1. Remember all the remakes – or brady girls get married shows? Eve never wanted to participate and they’d find standins. I’ve always wondered WHAT HAPPENED. I saw Eve Plumb on some kind of TV game show recently. It was the first time I’d seen her “out there” in like, ever.

  2. Apparently she never participated in the Brady Variety Shows, but she did do the Brady Brides special and short-lived TV spin off, which I think failed because of poor writing, although the whole concept seemed to pretty much doomed from the start.

    I’d really like to get my hands on a copy of the movie the Eve Plumb made shortly after The Brady Bunch ended (I think), called: Dawn: portrait of a teenage runaway. Apparently she got some good critical reviews from that.

  3. I saw that on Eve Plumb’s web site, Kenn. I wished I lived in that area of the country. I’d like to be able to attend a show of hers. Her paintings are certainly interesting.

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