What kind of pathetic jerk steals lawns signs?

McCain supporters it would seem.

On Devil’s night one of my Obama signs went missing. I wrote it off to kids being kids, which I didn’t really believe but I figured I had another one. Then, this morning, I wake up and my other Obama sign is gone. Now I’m pissed, even though I understand that lawns signs do little to effect the race. They don’t convince people to vote one way or the other. Still. So. I called the cops. I realize that little can be done but I wanted it reported. And, mine wasn’t the only sign stolen. My neighbor behind me seems to have lost both of hers. And down the street a sign went missing as well. Colleen, on her way to a morning soccer game, called home and told me that just about every Obama sign in the immediate neighborhood had gone missing.

What kind of jerk steal lawn signs? What good do they think it will do? It’s just pathetic. And desperate.

There’s nothing that the cops can really do. The officer that came to my door confirmed this. Hell, they stop cars that have trunks full of lawn signs but you can’t prove that they aren’t just dropping the signs off, although who the fuck does that in the middle of the fucking night? And there is no real way to identify a sign. Except that mine had tape on them, so that you couldn’t just yoink that sign off its metal wire legs. Makes me wonder if in the future there will be a way to identify that signs somehow. Perhaps you’ll be able put a serial number on them, or your name and address etc. But really, what good will that do?

The thing is the cop told me “they” are steal lawn signs everywhere — McCain and Obama. However, the McCain signs in my area were not stolen, just the Obama signs. The officer said he’d make a note of it. But no report was filled out. I didn’t sign anything. So what was the point of sending the officer out in the first place? Maybe so he could confirm that they were gone.

Well. There’s really nothing to be done about it. Except get a couple of new signs. But I’ll be taking them inside after dark from now on. I’ve also considered making up my own sign that says something like : COWARDS STOLE MY OBAMA SIGN!

Alternately, I could wait until after the election. If Obama wins I could put up: YOU STOLE MY OBAMA SIGNS AND HE WON ANYWAY!

Ultimately, this just seems to show how desperate McCain and his supporters have become. It’s sad. It really is. McCain has squandered much of his respectability, which was considerable. I’m almost to the point that, if he doesn’t win, I’ll be hoping that Arizona decides to vote him out of office. Hell, I’ll even contribute to his opponents campaign.

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